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Aditya waves at them. Remember me? I am sure you do remember. He walks in with big bags and asks for ice. My hand is paining. Mahi asks him if he saw the time. Aditya says who looks at time to know each other. Your brother and my wife were very close when their bodies were found together, remember? I thought to bridge the gap so the families are together too. He looks at Yash’s photo. It has been kept so nicely. This is what he wanted right? Mahi tells him to leave. We don’t want any drama. Aditya says the guy looks nice though. I wonder what I lack. I am a pilot and earn well. Tell me what he had and I dint have? She asks him to leave before she calls police for trespassing. He asks her if she is serious. Your brother was trespassing in my life and you say that to me? I dint do anything till now. He breaks Yash’s photo. This is called trespassing. He breaks all the photos he can find of Yash. Mahi’s mother calls someone asking the person to come asap. She tries to calm Aditya but he says your son always liked other people’s wives or my Pooja was special. Zoya comes in and notices him there. You? Aditya asks her where she was. I brought everything you need. I will leave only after eating gajar ka halwa. She asks him how he can be so ill mannered. He shares that he found out lot many things once she left. I was missing you there. You should have been there. Police walks in to arrest Aditya. Aditya asks Zoya if she called police. Mahi shakes her head at her mother. Aditya believes Zoya to be the culprit. You cannot do well for anyone! Police arrests him. Aditya looks at Zoya. Till now, I pitied you; was angry with you but now I only hate you! Be careful as my hate is deeper than my love! Police takes him away.

Zoya looks at Mahi and her mother. Why did he say that I called police? I just came. Mahi’s mother says I know it. I called them here. She shows Zoya the broken photos. Why did you bring that Aditya Huda to our house? Zoya tells her she dint bring him here. She calls her Mummy ji but Mahi’s mother warns her not to say so. You are nothing to me. I curse the day when my son met you and chose you over us! You couldn’t love him which is why he had to find a shoulder to cry outside. Mahi asks her if she can realise what she is saying. Bhaiya was at fault. If he dint have that affair then this wouldn’t have happened. Zoya tells them they are the one who are wrong to even think Yash can fall this low. I can accept for a moment that I was wrong. I dint notice he had some relation with anyone. He used to stay here for 15 days every month. How come you dint doubt him ever? I agree that we dint share the bond that we should have but we are a family. World may say anything but we must not believe everything that they say. We divided Yash in parts for all of us when he was alive but let’s not do it anymore. Now we can stay as one family for Yash’s sake. Mahi’s mother leaves from there. Mahi acts nice again. I completely agree with you. We couldn’t be together when Bhaiya was around but we should do it now. It will give him peace. Zoya nods. She returns Zoya her mangalsutra. I don’t know what happened to me. I am really sorry Bhabhi. Zoya holds it close to her heart. Mahi says I took time to understand you but you are really nice. Please forgive me for whatever I did. Zoya thanks her overwhelmed with emotions and goes upstairs. Mahi thinks Zoya can do anything for Yash’s sake.

Zoya is in police station. Why have you called me here? Inspector asks her to sign against the statement. She does so. Till when will Aditya stay in lockup? Inspector questions her as to what she wants. It does not matter what we want though. His father would come any second to get him bailed. Aditya and Zoya look at each other. Harsh looks at Zoya too as he comes to the police station. Aditya looks away. Arjun and Harsh present the bail papers. Aditya gets released immediately. Inspector (Patil) murmurs that kids of rich people can escape from any kind of case be it murder or anything. Harsh tells him he can get him transferred to a place where no one will be able to find him. Aditya seconds with Patil. Nepotism will take the world down. Who asked you to bail me out? He walks out followed by Harsh.

Harsh scolds Aditya if he ever thinks before saying anything. You could have been in for too long with the way you behaved inside. Harsh advises him to take control of his life before it gets too late. Aditya replies that he is a fool like his mother. You could fool her with your words but failed to do the same with me in the past like you are trying today. They were asking for a certificate from you? Harsh tells him to shut up but Aditya questions him if what he or Pooja did is justified. Inspector was right about what he said. Harsh tells Arjun to take Aditya home before he sits in another bar. Arjun nods. Harsh leaves for the court.

Aditya sits in the driver seat but then recalls what he had imagined earlier. He hands over the keys to Arjun to drive.

Wasim’s wife notices him looking at some papers. She calls out to him but he does not respond. She asks Noor to check with her father. Noor is surprised that he dint step out of the room even once since he is back from Mumbai. Did he tell you anything about Zoya Appi? Her mother denies. he does not even wish to hear her name.

Arjun tells Aditya he could have cared for them atleast. That police Officer was asking questions as if you were some murderer. Aditya keeps imagining Pooja sitting in the backseat smiling at him. He shouts angrily. Arjun tells him to stop it. We know that only Pooja Bhabhi could handle you but she isn’t here to do that anymore. Why don’t you get a grip on yourself? Aditya remarks that she is both the wound and the solution. Arjun tells him he puts entire blame on Pooja Bhabhi always. Why don’t you begin to realise she wasn’t happy with you? Aditya pulls the emergency brakes and steps out of the car. Arjun is sure there must be some reason why Pooja took such a big step.

Aditya closes his room. Sakshi keeps asking him to share what is the matter but he does not respond. He cries. I knew her since my childhood or I could never know her? He recalls that she might not have shared everything with him but she has done it with her diary. He begins to look for her diary. She took it with her! It contains the answers to all my questions. Police returned everything except the diary! How will I find my answers? He comes across some bills / papers.

Pooja asks Aditya to give her 5 crores. I need them. He asks her if she is running away. She tells him that one of her friends has set up a business. You will get your returns if it is set up well. Think of it as a business deal. He asks her who that person is. We deal with friends. She goes quiet. He tells her he trusts her. I know you will do what is right. Where is the cheque book?

Aditya smiles sarcastically at the memory. I trusted you while you spent 5 crores on your boyfriend!

Precap: Aditya breaks stuff in his room and decides to teach a lesson to Zoya. Zoya tells Yash she will get his firm back in its place. I know it mattered a lot to you. I will turn it around. She is in a meeting at Zosh when Aditya walks in. I am Aditya Huda, the co-owner of the company!

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