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Constable suggests showing this pic to Aditya right away. He will be exposed. Seniro Inspector says not now. Maximum people escape from punishment because of their lawyers and this Aditya’s Dad is such a respectable lawyer here! We need strong evidence to prove him guilty. Keep an eye on them. No one knew about their husband and wife’s affair with the other person and dint even find out when they died. It is a strange coincidence!

Aditya asks the servant (Marcus) to give him another liquor bottle. Arjun comes there and Marcus goes. Arjun says it is just 11 am. Dad has thrown out everything. Aditya asks him why he did so. Arjun replies that he knew you would do something like this only. Aditya asks him if Mr. Huda has turned into an astrologer these days. He can also predict my future? If he can do so then why couldn’t he realise how his mistake will impact Ma and me when he was wrong? Arjun asks him why he keeps digging at the past. Aditya reasons that he has got good memory. What all talents does Mr. Huda have? He can read minds now. As far as I know, Ma dint start drinking alcohol in the morning. Arjun stops him. Aditya says it is 11 am. I am sure many bars or shops outside will be selling alcohol on happy hours. Arjun tells him Dad wouldn’t like it. Aditya tells him to let him know if Dad has problems. I will shift in a hotel. He walks out of the house. Mrs. Huda has seen everything. He has started drinking and cannot fly for 6 months! I am worried for him Arjun. Hope he does not get so lost in this darkness that he cannot find his way back!

Zoya comes to Arora House and is about to ring the bell when Mahi opens the door. She addresses Zoya as Bhabhi. I dint know if you will take my words seriously or not. Zoya says you called me Bhabhi for the first time. Mahi looks at her mother. Let bygones be bygones. Forgive me for the same and come inside. She keeps calling Zoya Bhabhi as she brings her inside. Mahi’s mother sits there blankly but Mahi’s voice gets a bit stern. Mahi’s mother heads inside. Zoya asks Mahi about what she said earlier. Mummy ji called me here right? Mahi cooks up an excuse. She takes Zoya to Yash’s room. This is your room after today! You wouldn’t have seen much last night as you were in a rush. I will show you everything today. He was great in everything. All my life I wanted to become like him. When I finally thought I can become like him, he left me and left nothing behind for me. Zoya asks her what she means. Mahi says he left no hope. Zoya says everything seems to be so tough now that Yash is gone. I too miss him very much. Mahi says mom used to miss him a lot when he used to stay in Dehradun for you. She would make his every favourite dish whenever he would return. Bhaiya always said he loved Gajar Ka Halwa. Zoya is clueless about it. Mahi says he wouldn’t want to bother you. He always cared about what you liked. He never shared his preferences. Mahi’s mother asks Zoya if she would have cooked anything for Yash even if she had known it. You have cooks for every little thing all the time in your house. Would he have said all this to servants? Mahi asks her to speak nicely to Zoya Bhabhi. Zoya gets teary eyed. I really dint know or I would have tried my best to fulfil his wish. Mahi nods. Ma is in a different state of mind. Make it today. Mom will also get happy. this is our ritual when new bride comes home. Make halwa. Zoya loves the idea and leaves to bring all the ingredients. She hugs Mahi before leaving. Mahi thinks what all to make her in coming future (chef, gardener, etc, etc). You will be a puppet ultimately! Just wait and watch!

Zoya is buying all the ingredients for making a halwa in a store. Aditya is buying alcohol there. Mahi calls Zoya and adds another ingredient in the list. Zoya shares that Yash never told her this in the past 5 years. Aditya hears her voice and looks at her. Mahi thinks this is just the beginning. I will play with your mind in such a way that you wouldn’t be able to differentiate between truth and lie. Zoya tells Mahi to tell her all of Yash’s favourite dishes. I will make one daily. Aditya collides with her cart intentionally. What’s cooking? She tries to go but he blocks her way. I don’t know how you can cook your husband’s favourite food even when he cheated you? Zoya tells him she does not wish to argue with him. Please leave me alone. He notices the cookbook. You don’t know how to cook? Maybe this is why your husband cheated you! He would be fond of food. Zoya tells him her husband dint think low like him. All these trivial things dint marry. Aditya again blames Yash for having an extra marital affair with Pooja. I know how to cook well. Let me help you. She begins to walk away but he chases her. Maybe your husband used to ask my wife to make halwa too. Zoya tells him to back down or she will call security. He asks her how she can be so clueless. You have to know about your husband’s likes and dislikes from someone? Accept that you dint know him at all! She insists she knew her husband very well. He goes quiet upon noticing someone. Zoya follows his gaze. There is a picture of Yash and Pooja on the board. They inch closer to it. Aditya repeats Zoya’s words. Maybe fate brought us here together to make sure you can see your husband’s real face! She runs away. He shouts after her if she will still not believe it. This photo is also a lie? Aditya gets emotional. He was so close to you? A store guy walks up to Aditya and talks nicely about Pooja and Yash. They were our 100th customer. They haven’t come here since a long time. Aditya breaks the glass angrily.

Zoya runs on the street in tears. Aditya’s words haunt her. till now I was thinking everyone was misunderstanding you Yash. Where should I go now? She notices something on the ground and recalls a broker greeting her and Yash once. The broker compliments their house and leaves. Zoya asks Yash if he felt bad that she met someone in his absence and dint even tell him. He tells her he does not mind it. You are my wife and not my property. She asks him if he dint get possessive at all. Do you miss me when you are away from me? He understands that she wants a sign. He finds a card lying on the ground (King of Hearts). You don’t need signs to believe on me. I will love you come what may. They share a hug. Flashback ends. Zoya picks the card and it is also King of Hearts. She cries / smiles at the memory.

Mahi’s mother is in no mood to act before Zoya. I don’t mind if we get anything or not! I miss my son all the more when I see her. Mahi requests her to do something to secure her daughter’s future too. Mahi’s mother refuses to hurt anyone, even if it is Zoya, for their own sake. Mahi sternly tells her Zoya wont leave the house till their work is done. Doorbell rings. Mahi says think of the devil and the devil is here. Come in your character. She opens the door expecting Zoya but it turns out to be Aditya. He waves at them. Remember me?

Precap: Aditya begins to look for Pooja’s diary. He finds something and realises that she spent 5 crores on someone without his knowledge. Till now, I pitied you both but now I only hate you! My hate is more than my love! He pins Zoya in a lift.

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