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Zoya continue reading the diary. It reads, “I was calling Aditya when I got a call from Yash. Yash shared with her that after her party his business was all booked and the company worked its best. I told him I have a gift for him. Later he sat in the studio couch while I had made a painting of Yash. I shared with him that he was the first person after Aditya she was painting. Aditya suggests her to become a professional painter at times. Yash complimented the painting. I said I had to go to dinner with Aditya. Yash asked me to stay for some time, singing Abhi Na Jao Chor Ke, Ke Dil Abhi Bhara Nahi. I said it was my favorite song, he claimed it was his favorite as well. We danced together. Being close to Yash that day it felt I have begun to live again. Life isn’t only spending. I hid the smile that spread my face with the thought of Yash while Aditya was asleep beside me.

One day, Yash discussed with me how he would share the news of his losses with Zoya. I promised to help Yash monetarily as a friend in need is a friend indeed. He resisted as it seemed inappropriate. Yash also felt this wasn’t right but this time I insisted on him that nothing seems wrong now”.

Zoya leaves the diary and cries in the window. After a while she begins to read again.

“Our relation was wrong, illegitimate in the eyes of world still our hearts were happy. Love was raining over barren hearts. One day Yash called me to ask why she is always around him when not being physically there. He insisted to share the news with Zoya and Aditya. I convinced Yash that Zoya and Aditya would shatter without them. Later, Yash lay with his head in her lap. He proposed me and wanted to spend the rest of my life with me. I was confused, I wasn’t ready to leave my relations behind and said I and Adi have spent our childhoods together and he is the best husband anyone can have. I was also worried about Zoya. Yash convinced me that he had been cheating on Zoya daily otherwise. Zoya left her family to marry him but she could never be a part of his life. He must leave her so that she can move on in her life. He confessed that when he found me he realized what true relations mean for a person.

I sat with a magazine. Aditya jumped placing his head in my lap and discussed about his plan of going abroad for our anniversary. He suggested to take all their class maters along. I asked if it was an anniversary or Diwali that they are going with the whole group. Aditya was of the view that they shouldn’t be afraid to love. I thought the world might be convinced of his love but his wife can never be. Later, I cried placing my head over Yash’s shoulder while he consoled me. He had decided that we must divorce our partners to begin a new life together. After he left for a meeting, I convinced myself that I dreamt of creating a new home with Yash where only true feelings, love and little poetry has its place. I decided to start finding such a home.”

Noor was haunted by the trailer of ‘Kon Hai?’ The windows around her banged with storm while she was alone at home. Arjun taps her back from behind and reminds his promise that he would always be there whenever she miss him. She denied missing him. He touched her face closely. Noor forbids him. Soon, Noor wakes up from a deep sleep.

In the office, Zoya discuss with Arjun that Pooja knew the financial problems of Yash. She has spoken to the broker, maybe he can help them. The broker couldn’t recall ever meeting Yash or Pooja. Aditya comes from behind and tells the broker he is right, Zoya is used to wasting others time. The broker leaves the office giving them a chance to handle their matters. Arjun questions what Aditya is doing here. Aditya asks if only they can plan games against him. If they can find the proof, he can hide them. People not only work for love but also for money. Zoya complains that she had a single way to reach the proof. Aditya questions Arjun if he thought he would betray him by stabbing him at his back? He had spotted Arjun take the diary in a hurry, Harsh heard his conversation still he was convinced Arjun can’t do it. Zoya seconds Arjun to be the only one who was in favor of truth. Aditya questions at what cost? Arjun was also a defense lawyer in their case. If he wants to spoil his career and that for a cheater Yash? Zoya was now defensive of Yash, she insists she was also wrong at places in their lives. She will prove Yash as innocent not being his wife but being his friend. She will prove that Yash and Pooja loved each other, their relation was pious and pure. They also deserved a happy ending for their feelings and emotions.

PRECAP: Aditya clarifies to Zoya he can’t justify anyone’s cheat or betrayal like her. He confronts from the front and when he will play his card nothing will be left. Later, Aditya lay on a couch at Zoya’s house and says he has decided to sell the house. Zoya questions what will he get by doing all this. Aditya was indifferent of her feelings like she was inconsiderate of him.

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