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Waseem was angry with Zoya and questions if she has seen the results whenever she went against them; her decision of marrying Yash and staying at Mumbai have been evident. Zoya’s mother convince Waseem that they can’t live Zoya’s life, these hardships have turned Zoya strong and it’s their right to support Zoya at this time. Waseem leaves angrily. Zoya hugs her mother and thinks this is the first time she is fighting a life for herself, this time no one will be able to stop her.

In the hospital, Mahi and Madhu ji watched the news about attack on Hooda family. Mahi gets a call from Rajvir and goes outside. Zoya comes to the room and informs Madhu ji she will stay with her. She goes out looking for Mahi to tell her about it as well.

Mahi comes at the corner of hospital. She was worried and asks why he has come here. Rajvir removes the hood off his head and says for her. Mahi discuss with Rajvir that Zoya wants to push her out of the house, where will she go. Rajvir says Mahi and he has same enemies. Rajvir asks Mahi to help him and he would help her. Zoya comes looking around the corridor, Mahi says she is sorry but she can’t help him in this matter. Rajvir was behind the window and couldn’t be spotted by Zoya. He warns what if the world find Mahi’s real face. Zoya comes into the room where she could see Mahi speaking to someone. Mahi was busy on call. Zoya allows her to go home, she can stay with Madhu ji today. Mahi asks Zoya if everything is alright between them. Zoya replies there was and will never be anything between them. Mahi was upset after Zoya has left. Rajvir gives her a thumbs up from across the window.

The next morning, Arjun was leaving with the diary. Anjana forced Aditya to have fruits for breakfast before he takes the traditional. Aditya stops Arjun offering breakfast but Arjun was in a hurry. He offers to accompany Arjun, still Anjana reminds Aditya about complete bed rest.

Arjun reaches Siddique’s house. Noor opens the door for him, Arjun asks to speak to Zoya alone. Zoya sat inside with the diary. Arjun explains he had stolen this diary from Missouri’s evidence house and thus they couldn’t use it as a proof in court. He says the diary proves that Yash and Pooja were in love; this will prove that Yash wasn’t clinically depressed not he did a suicide. He asks Zoya to think before taking any decision, reading this diary means she must live with the memories of Yash and Pooja. Zoya replies abruptly that there is no time to think now. At the door, Arjun speaks to Noor. He tells her not to take him wrong, he has a lot to speak to her but before that he has to help Zoya. She is fighting for the truth right now. Noor nods.
Zoya sits with the diary and continue reading it. The diary begins, “Dear Diary, I am Pooja Hooda and the diary must be aware that speaking to it is my best hobby. I met Yash is a poetry event, Mujh se Pehli si Mohabbat Mere Mehboob Na Mang. Yash and Pooja read the verses together.

Later I met Yash in a restaurant and we turned into good friends. We often met later during business events. I can remember once I came to Yash’s office and suggested that this is an event management company, he should hand some paintings around. This will bring more business. Yash appreciated my sense of interior and wish they had met earlier. I had come to discuss with him about arranging a birthday party for Aditya. During the birthday party, I even tried to introduce Aditya to Yash where he was invited. Aditya didn’t pay any attention towards Yash. Later, Aditya had a quarrel with Harsh and he left the party. I tried stopping him and Mr. Hooda but both left the party. The next day, while I sat in the room upset about Aditya ruining the birthday party, Yash brought a cake for me He said he felt she would like this heartily made cake she had ordered. Yash even discussed with her about his wife Zoya. He stated that Zoya was a delicate girl, he could never be a friend with her. He can’t make Zoya feel tensed for any of his problems in life. I had heard intently and wished Aditya also spoke about her as romantically as Yash discussed about his wife. For Aditya, love was only friendship. Both claimed at once, ‘Kuch kuch hota hai’. Later, they cut the cake together and spent some quality time.

Once Yash claimed that speaking to you make me feel comfortable. That day I felt as if a stranger understood her in the best manner. In the beginning I felt our relation wasn’t right, it was illegitimate in the eyes of the world still it always brought peace to the heart and soul”

PRECAP: Zoya tells Aditya she will prove that Yash and Pooja loved each other and their relation was pious and pure. Aditya wasn’t ready to accept any explanation for such illegitimate acts. He warns Zoya against his attack now.

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