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Zoya tells Madhu ji that we will talk about it later. She leaves the room.

The doctor instructs the nurse to give another injection after one month. He assures Arjun that his brother would soon be fine. Aditya asks Arjun to sit beside him, and apologizes Arjun. He says he agrees Arjun doesn’t agree to Papa’s ways but this time he is doing it all right. Arjun forbids Aditya to take all these stresses, he only needs to rest for a while. A nurse comes to take Arjun fulfil some formalities.

Mr and Mrs. Siddique were waiting for Zoya. Harsh and Anjana come to them. Anjana apologizes them joining her hands, she had forgotten that Zoya is also their daughter and they must be concerned for her. Zoya’s mother holds Anjana’s hand and says they must leave the past behind.

In the room, Aditya bends to get a glass of water for himself. Zoya comes helping him and holds his hand with the canula. He smiles that Rahul and Anjali are again friends. Zoya leaves his hand. Aditya says when he said this line to Pooja she was always irritated. He says he is happy that at least they can speak to each other now. Zoya offers him the glass of water he wanted, not wanting to speak about it. Aditya thanks Zoya for all her efforts towards his family. She must have understood that reopening the case would bring no gain to any of them, their families would again be distressed with it.

Zoya says she and Aditya will continue doing for a hundred times what they did today; there is surely some connection between them. There was stormy winds outside. Zoya shuts the window panes, then returns and clearly tells Aditya what’s wrong is wrong. He has saved her life more than once, she will also continue doing it; helping him in accident doesn’t show she changed her decision. She won’t break her promise with Madhu ji, this is even a promise to her own self. Whatever happened in the court has burdenized her soul; she has tried to trust her own self the hard way. She can no more surrender in front of her own will. Aditya convinces Zoya that Yash had broken each promise he took for her. Zoya says she also didn’t fulfil her rights.

They took all the vows on equal basis; she could never be Yash’s friend and help him in any of her promises with him. She requests Zoya to understand her, only he can do it. Aditya insists no one who is sane can do it. Zoya convince Aditya that this isn’t a personal war. Aditya replies it is personal, his mother would again cry, his father will have to get behind the case to get him freed and his younger brother will have to suffer because of him; only because she stands with his cheater husband. He clarifies he stands with his family and will never let them be a play card again. Zoya nods and walks out of the room.

Outside the room, Zoya finds Harsh and Anjana looking towards her in a state of shock.

Arjun stood at the reception when Noor comes to thank him. He asks what for? She says its because he saved her life. Arjun walks closer and says he can put his life at stake for more than once when its about her. He comes to room door and finds Anjana, Harsh and Aditya discussing about how to convince Zoya. Aditya was worried that this will bring problems to both families. Harsh was sure Zoya can’t prove anything in the court; courts don’t work on emotions. Arjun decides he must give the diary to Zoya.

At home, Waseem asks Zoya how she will prove in court that Yash wasn’t clinically depressed. For him to be proven innocent, she will have to prove that her husband loved someone other than his wife; because only then she can prove Yash couldn’t murder someone whom he dearly loved. If she continue fighting each war of life she might die sooner, some wars in life have to be lost. He convinces her to fight a war for herself if she wish to. Zoya replies that it’s for the first time she is fighting a life for herself. She is aware they will have to prove in court that Yash and Pooja loved each other and wanted to marry each other; he doesn’t recognize how bad she feels even hearing it but she can’t bury Yash’s memories under a lie. She might not forgive Yash ever, but maybe it was because of her mistakes that he couldn’t share the dilemma of his life with her. Nobody is perfect but Yash wasn’t a bad person. She will get the case reopened, and this time no one will be able to stop her.

PRECAP: Aditya gives the diary to Zoya and says it proves Yash and Pooja loved each other dearly. Zoya cried while holding the diary and thinks today she would get the know the reality of Yash and Pooja’s relation.

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