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Aditya was hurried into the Operation theatre. Anjana and Harsh were with him, much concerned.

Zoya and Noor come to hospital and asks Arjun how is Aditya. Arjun says a lot of blood has been lost. Zoya controls her tears. Mr. and Mrs Siddique also reach the hospital. Zoya’s mother considers herself a culprit as she insisted on everyone to attend the party. She prays for strength for Anjana as she couldn’t have bear such a pain for her daughters. Zoya was in another trance and utters, nothing will happen to Aditya.

Inside the OT, the doctors insist on Anjana to leave as it is causing delays in operation. Harsh pulls Anjana back and informs everyone that they have decided to operate. Anjana sits on a couch for a while then hurries towards the temple.

In the temple in hospital, Anjana prays to God as she had to pray much for Aditya’s birth. She can’t bear to lose her son. There, Zoya had headed to a corner where she prayed for Aditya in namaz.

The bullet was removed from Aditya’s arm. The doctor comes out to inform that operation was successful and he would soon be fine. Anjana hurries and asks to meet him. The doctor allows them to meet Aditya after he is shifted into ICU. Zoya hears this from prayer mat and smiles.

Aditya opens his eyes in the hospital bed. Harsh, Anjana and Arjun was near him. He assures Anjana he is fine now. Siddique family enters the room. Zoya’s mother was thankful to Aditya for saving Zoya’s life, and happy that he is fine. Harsh looks towards Zoya and says it’s because of Zoya that everyone could know about Rajiv’s plan. He discuss with Waseem that Rajiv is much confused after court’s verdict. He has worked in CBI for years and can easily dodge police whenever he wants to. In such situations, it doesn’t feel right that the reopen the case. The doctor arrives for Aditya’s tests. The family was asked to go outside the room.

Zoya gets seated on the couch. Anjana thanks to God in temple for keeping the prayers of a mother. Harsh joins her in prayers and says God has saved a father from losing his life. Anjana looks towards him. She asks Harsh what if Zoya reopens the case, still. Harsh was sure Zoya isn’t an idiot, and reopening this case in such a time will only give Rajiv an opportunity to plan against them. Mr. Siddique agrees to Harsh and tells his family he is right. Reopening the case will take Zoya and Aditya to the same torturing past. He asks Zoya to come home, she must be tired. Zoya takes their permission to meet Madhu, she is admitted in the same hospital.

In the room, Madhu sat on the bed worried. Mahi tells her that Aditya is also in the same hospital, he is out of danger. She discuss with Madhu that it doesn’t appear Zoya will reopen Aditya’s case; if Aditya wasn’t here today she think Zoya wouldn’t be alive. Madhu says saving someone’s life is a huge favor, Zoya can’t drag him into court now and the decision seems justified. When Zoya comes to the room, she forbids Madhu to sit up and exert herself. Mahi asks Zoya if she is fine? She replies she is fine. Madhu discuss with Zoya about her fear for Rajvir. Zoya assures that Rajvir will soon be caught. Madhu tells Zoya that she must not worry about doing something for their family; Zoya’s safety is much important for them than winning Yash’s grace or respect of their family all over again. Madhu says she will owe to Aditya whole of her life as he saved her life. Mahi insists that Zoya has also saved Hooda family, she informed everyone about the bomb and then helped Aditya. It seems that its always Hooda’s family’s mistake and the three of them have to suffer. Madhu clarifies that she has lost her son already, she can’t bear to lose any of Mahi or Zoya. She requests Zoya to break any of the promise she made to her. Zoya thinks about Harsh and Waseem’s wish as well.

PRECAP: In the hospital room, Zoya tells Aditya they might save each other for hundreds of times because there surely is a connection. But what’s wrong is wrong. Aditya clarifies to Zoya that if she stands with her cheater husband, he also stands with his family.

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