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Aditya now looks around calling Zoya around. Zoya was sinking in the water that filled the water tank. She gathers some breathe and calls Aditya weakly. Aditya sense the voice came from inside the water tank.

Noor and Arjun were arguing in a corner. Anjana discuss with Harsh that Zoya’s influence was already enough, Arjun is here as well. Harsh goes to turn the music off.

There, Rajvir claps as he await Harsh to lower the volume below 30. Arjun handles the situation and takes Harsh to meet a client.
Arjun finds a stone nearby on the floor while he calls Zoya not to lose courage, he will save her in a few minutes. He strikes the lock with the stone in an attempt to break it while concerned about Zoya inside.

Waseem and wife had come home. Waseem decides that they must leave the city as soon as they find Zoya. Zoya’s mother understands his situation and assures Zoya will soon return to them, she will be fine.
Arjun watches Anjana moving towards the DJ, he hurries to bring Anjana to dance with Harsh.

There, Aditya has broken the lock of water tank. He asks Zoya for her hand, she says they are tied together. Aditya dives into the tank and unties her hands, feet and the bandage on his mouth. Both help each other out of the tank. Rajvir curses himself for underestimating Aditya this time, he was sure Aditya will not be able to save his family now. His house won’t be there until he reaches there. Zoya was unconscious beside the water tank. Aditya wakes her up, Zoya tells him that Rajvir has placed a bomb in the music system at his house. Aditya holds Zoya into his arms carrying her into the car.

In the car, Aditya was trying Arjun’s number continuously. Zoya does this for him. The police arrive at the party and requests to lower the voice of music, there are complaints from neighbors. Anjana now stares at Arjun angrily and goes towards the sound system turning the music off. Arjun was shocked while they hear the tick of the timer in bomb. Aditya and Zoya just reach the party in time. Aditya finds the system with the bomb. He breaks the lid, the timer showed 9 seconds. Aditya carries the amplifier outside while Zoya holds the family back. She tells everyone there is a bomb in that speaker.

Outside, Aditya looks around for a place to throw away the speaker.

Inside, everyone hear a speaker right then. Anjana and Harsh shouts Adi!. Everyone was tensed. Aditya weakly walks towards the door, he was about to fell down when everyone support him, someone brings a glass of water. Harsh asks who did this? Aditya says its Rajvir. Zoya inquires if he is fine. He had just nod when Rajvir calls from behind that no one will be fine anymore. He held Harsh and Aditya at gun point and warns the police inspector to pull the trigger otherwise. He says Mr. Hooda snatched everything from him, he must consider everything for him is finished as well. He looks towards Harsh, then Aditya and pulls the trigger. It was Aditya who fell on the floor. She was shot at his arm. Harsh shouts to call for ambulance. The police arrest Rajvir, Rajvir calms them down and as soon as they loosen their grip Rajvir holds Noor hostage. Zoya couldn’t stand as Aditya held her hand tightly. She pleads on Rajvir to leave her sister. Rajvir makes a deal; they let him leave peacefully and he would leave her sister. Zoya requests the inspector to put their guns down. Rajvir cunningly asks everyone to pack off and Noor will be fine. He drags Noor outside while the police follow him. Arjun takes a secret route to stalk them, signaling Noor not to make a noise. He brings a wooden rod and hits the back of Rajvir’s head. Rajvir pulls another gun from within in socks and flee from the venue. Arjun hugs Noor out of concern.

At Hooda house, ambulance had arrived. Anjana removes Zoya’s and from Aditya’s grip and holds his hand instead, leaving Zoya behind. Zoya thinks of all the times Aditya played on his life to save her. She and Noor watch everyone take Aditya to hospital.

PRECAP: Harsh and Anjana shouts for doctor in the hospital. Aditya was in operation theatre. Zoya prayed at home for Aditya. Anjana stood in front of temple praying for him. Siddique family was also present outside the operation theatre.

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