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Zoya is on the roads. Aditya is driving fast thinking about Pooja. Zoya is right in front of the car. She is suddenly blinded by the light and looks at the approaching car in shock. Aditya bangs into the tree instead. He runs to her to apologize and see if she got hurt but goes quiet realising it is Zoya. They both look at each other. Zoya’s words echo in the background. He walks away when Zoya calls out to him. You don’t even know how to apologise? What have I done to you? Why do you speak so rudely to me and insult me all the time? You want to kill me now? Aditya looks at her. Zoya repeats his question at him. I couldn’t save my husband but I saved your life twice in a day and this is how you repay me? There are people with a similar pain in this world. They too have gone through a lot recently. You wouldn’t understand this as you are a coward. It is cowardice to shout on others. You are so arrogant that you cannot understand that this fight is with you only. You are losing out badly and cannot face yourself. You wanted to kill me today? How can you be so insensitive? Thank God you dint get to fly the plane today or you would have crashed the plane just like you crashed this car here! He pins her angrily on the car. You can say anything to me but no word against my work. Remember that I don’t make mistake. Aditya Huda wouldn’t have failed in killing someone if he had wanted to! Zoya runs away. Aditya sits in the car but cannot sit anymore as he keeps imagining Yash and Pooja sitting together on the backseat.

Sakshi is looking at Pooja’s photos. Arjun asks her what she is doing. She says sorry to him. I wont do it again. Arjun corrects himself. You don’t have to see the photos stealthily. She is a part of our family. One incident did happen but it does not mean that it will change what we all had! You lost your daughter and forgot your pain for us! She says I want to cry but I am embarrassed by what she did. She rues that she cannot believe that her daughter could do something like this. Arjun reasons that Pooja isn’t here to tell them the truth. You lost your daughter. It is your right to cry. You are not at fault. Why are you bearing the punishment? She hopes it was true. He asks her about it but she dismisses it.

Zoya is walking on the road. She notices a cactus plant outside Yash’s office and recalls gifting Yash cactus in the past. Yash asks her why she gave such a different gift to him. She says no one would guess that you are hiding your office keys underneath. This will be our secret. Yash smiles.

Zoya finds a key inside the pot. She gets teary eyed. You loved me so much and used to listen to every little thing that I said. Everyone wants to me to believe that you cheated me! She enters in the office. She looks at the name plate. Yash’s words echo in the background. “Zosh” means Zoya and Yash. She imagines Yash working in his cabin. She runs excitedly towards it but gets sad realising it isn’t true. She imagines Yash in all the corners of the room and gets sad whenever it turns out to be just her imagination.

Zoya questions Yash when he calls late. He says sorry to her. I got busy. She points out that she cannot sleep until she hears his voice. He says this is why I called. We will talk till the time you fall asleep. She smiles. She falls asleep while he starts narrating about his day to her.

Zoya rests holding Yash’s phone.

Aditya and Pooja are camping. He complains of the mosquitoes. She says we always go to hotels every time. Let’s enjoy this for once. Will we see starry night there? He replies that he has his full moon already. Please caress my hair. You know I cannot sleep till you do so. Flashback ends. Aditya wipes his tears.

Zoya dials Yash’s phone and it goes to voicemail. She keeps redialling his number just to hear his voice.

Next morning, Wasim reaches home. He tells his wife Zoya dint come along. Zoya’s mother looks puzzled.

Huda’s lawyer tells Harsh his search is over. The diary has been found. Harsh asks him to get it to him. No one should know about it. Huda’s lawyer assures him it will reach him in 2 days. this case is being transferred to Mumbai. Harsh warns Sharma to remember who he is dealing with. I told you to get the case closed! Do my work!

Aditya’s mom asks Aditya where he was. You could have picked the phone once. I was so tensed. She asks him to have breakfast but he refuses. Sakshi pulls him to breakfast table against his wish. He tells her he isn’t hungry. She knows he used to be hungry in the morning. Aditya tells her nothing remains same. Sakshi refuses to hear any of his excuses. Your mom has cooked it especially for you. She sets a plate for him. Aditya sits down to eat. Sakshi nods slightly at Aditya’s mom who is emotional by now. Harsh takes her aside. Sakshi also feeds Aditya. He asks her why she is looking at him like this. She says I am wondering when you will blast on me. Aditya says Pooja isn’t here to fight so I will fight with someone. She reasons that he cannot punish entire family for what Pooja did. I am her mother. Take it out on me but not on your family. Aditya wonders why he is being punished. Sakshi says only I can understand what you are going through. I feel all the emotions at once. I don’t understand which emotion to express or feel. Aditya says I know which exact emotion I am feeling and expressing. There is a lot of anger inside me. I want to hurt her just like she did; ask questions to know why she did this but I cannot do this! She isn’t here! If she was here then she could have handled me and this is angering me all the more. Pooja knew what I felt when Dad cheated mom yet she did this! Aditya cries hugging Sakshi. She knows I can bear anything but not this!

Zoya wakes up. She finds all the company staff staring at her. Mahi also comes there just then. Zoya begins to explain. I was going to complain to police. Mahi hugs her instead puzzling Zoya. Thank God you are fine. Watchman saw you. He told me he gave you the key but you were not at home. Even your phone is unreachable. Where were you? She asks everyone to resume their work. Everyone leaves. Mahi says I know you must be wondering what happened to me suddenly. I later realised I wouldn’t have forgiven myself ever if something had happened to you. You loved Bhaiya very much. You are the thread that joins us with Yash Bhaiya. You were alone last night. I dint sleep wondering where you would be. Let’s come. You will now stay with us at our home only. That’s your home! She takes Zoya to the door. Zoya gets a call from police station. Zoya tells Mahi she must leave and walks away.

Mahi’s mother asks Mahi where Zoya went. Mahi tells her. Mahi’s mother wonders if she found out something about Yash’s accident. Mahi doesn’t mind. She might have to sign some documents. It happens in accident cases. Ask her when she is here. I asked her to stay here with us. Her mother is shocked. Are you out of your mind? You called Zoya home? She is the one because of whom we lost our Yash? He can never return only because of her! Mahi laughs. Your beloved son dint leave any other option! She shows her Yash’s will. We need Zoya or we will be ruined.

Mahi meets the laywer. Zoya is the nominee of the Mumbai home where Mahi is staying with her mother. Mahi deduces that everything is in Zoya’s name. Mahi decides to live relations her way. You are no more Bhaiya but Zoya will bear the consequences now.

Mahi asks her mother if she saw what her beloved son did. He dint care about you at all. He first left us for Zoya. He was about to leave Zoya for someone else then! He was neither a good son nor a good husband nor a good brother! He was the most selfish man on this planet. Mahi’s mother tells her to stop it but Mahi wants Zoya to stay with them. We will keep an eye on her always. We will rebuild our relation with her. We have lost 2 houses but we must get the insurance money. Her mother asks her how she knows the company is going to lose. Mahi knows that the company is bankrupt. Zoya has never worked. She wont be able to do anything on her own. Mahi’s mother asks her if they should act to be happy with Zoya. Money isn’t everything. Mahi reasons that she loved Yash very much but Bhaiya dint leave anything for you. Mahi’s mother tells her she is wrong. Mahi calls Yash selfish. Now we have to take wise decision from our mind!

Aditya and Zoya meet yet again at the police station. He keeps tapping on the table but stops when Zoya looks at him. Inspector comes in the room. Pooja Huda used to stay in Mumbai and Yash’s company was registered in Mumbai? They both nod. Inspector asks them where they were on the day of accident. a new angle has come forth in the case. Pooja ji told Aditya that she is going to Chennai but you were not aware of it? He nods. Inspector again asks him why his flight had to be rerouted to Dehradun. Aditya says there was no reason but why do you ask. Inspector agrees to tell in a while. He turns to Zoya. Did you know Pooja? He asks Aditya if he knew Yash as he often used to come to Mumbai. Aditya asks him if he thinks he wouldn’t have killed Yash if he had known!

Senior Inspector watches them from outside. He is lying. Constable insists they haven’t met. Senior Inspector shows him a photo where both Yash and Aditya can be seen.

Precap: Aditya and Zoya argue at a shopping centre. Aditya says God brought us here together to make sure we see this. Yash and Pooja’s photo is kept on the wall there. Aditya comes to Mahi’s home and greets them.

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