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Aditya gets into the car and was still haunted by flashes of Yash and Pooja together. He overcomes his phobia thinking about Zoya calling him for help. Noor asks where he is going. Aditya tells her to go inside and inform Arjun what happened here.
Inside Hooda house, Harsh asks Arjun if he has seen Aditya. Arjun complains they never share anything with him and now he turned Aditya like himself as well.

Noor comes to Mr. and Mrs. Siddique and inform them about Zoya’s kidnap. Waseem didn’t trust Hooda family and decides to go and file a complaint in police personally.

Harsh invites Chakor and Sooraj for a dance performance in the party.

Aditya punches Rajvir and asks where Zoya is. Rajvir’s goons hold Aditya back. Rajvir laughs that he is going crazy lover; he should now save any one among his family or Zoya. They don’t have hours but minutes, afterwards there will be a Boom! Aditya asks what that means. Rajvir tells Aditya that his family would only survive until they dance, afterwards there would only be torn pieces of each of them. And Zoya will die bathed in her own tears. He gets into his van and before leaving a shocked Aditya he says ‘Aditya Hooda must always remember this celebration’. Aditya wonders where Zoya must be.

Zoya was tied with ropes and lay in a water tank. All at once, water begins to enter the tank.

Arjun gets a call from Aditya. He forbids Arjun to react and tells him that Rajvir has kidnapped Zoya; he has also placed a bomb somewhere at home. There was only one clue, till the music continue everyone would be fine. He requests Arjun to make sure no one turns off the music until he returns. Arjun turns to see Noor behind. He assures Aditya called him and takes her towards the stage where they forbid the DJ to turn the music off at any cost. Anjana dislike watching Noor and Arjun together but Mr. Hooda doesn’t let her react.
At Hooda house, Harsh thanks Chakor and Sooraj. He tells them not to leave without dinner; they have invited special cook from Lucknow.
Aditya reaches an old factory and thinks Zoya must be here. He goes inside.

There at Hooda house, Anjana decides she must turn the music off and get the food served. She comes to music system but Arjun stops her and says he wants a last performance with Noor. Anjana stares towards Noor in a disgusted manner. Noor can notice the intriguing stare, still decides she must dance right now in order to save everyone.

Aditya comes upstairs to the roof and looks for Zoya. Zoya calls him for help from within the water tank. He couldn’t hear her voice. The water in the tank was about to fill. Aditya looks around, then decides he is wasting his time as Zoya isn’t here. He runs downstairs.
Waseem and wife were at police station to file an FIR. The inspector was a Paan addict and calmly noting the complaint. Waseem was getting restless. The inspector asks them about the details of the car; someone else and not he has seen it then how can police help them hurriedly.

Rajvir watched the CCTV coverage of the party and thinks one day Hooda’s had to pay for their sins. Only Zoya will have to leave her life in this fight of giants.

Mr. Hooda comes to Arjun and asks him to stop the music and get the food served. Arjun insists they must wait for little more time. Noor and Arjun were worried and goes out to call Aditya. Aditya tells Arjun he couldn’t find anything, he followed the tyre map but Zoya is nowhere here. Noor takes the phone and says Aditya must bring Zoya back, she doesn’t know what enmity Rajvir has with their family but Zoya is being trapped in all that.

Downstairs, Aditya discovers he had forgotten car keys somewhere upstairs. He goes back to the roof and instead of keys find Zoya’s pendant on the floor. The water tank was almost full by now.

PRECAP: Aditya and Zoya reach Hooda house. Aditya shouts at everyone to get aside and holds the amplifier outside. Harsh shouts what’s happening. Soon there is a blast outside, everyone was worried shouting Adi!

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