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Zoya apologizes Mummy ji at home and tries to explain her position as she was unaware they would say all this in court. Mahi comes inside and blames Zoya for the disgrace Yash had to bear after his death. She pushes Zoya out of the house. Zoya fell on the floor but Mr. Siddiqui stood outside with the family. He clarifies to Mahi and Zoya that this house belongs to Zoya. Yash borrowed money from him to buy this house but he conditioned this house would be named after Zoya. He tells Madhu and Madhi to get out of this house. Zoya asks why he didn’t share this with her earlier. Mr. Siddiqui says Yash took a promise from him that he won’t tell her, maybe he wanted to show off that he did it all by himself. Zoya says it’s all because of Yash and all of them that turned her so weak, she only lived in fairy tales.

Zoya’s mother tells them both to stop now, she clarifies to Mr. Siddiqui that he has protected Zoya more than needed in life and it turned her weak. Her mother now tells Zoya that she was never a good wife to Yash, he provided every luxury in life but she never cared where Yash arranged the money for all of that. Spouses have to be a support to each other, was it only Yash’s mistake? Zoya hugs her mother. Madhu stared at Yash’s mother and murmurs if this isn’t their house? She feels pain in her heart and fell on the floor.

Aditya returns home to a huge celebration under beating of drums. Anjana does her aarti, Aditya touches her feet. Harsh was shocked to see that, Aditya says since Maa was giving a feeling of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. Aditya comes aside and texts Zoya where she is, his mother has kept a party at home. He asks her to come her as soon as possible. Zoya reads the message in hospital and leaves after wiping her tears.

Anjana brings food for Aditya, they eat together. Anjana takes money from Harsh to pay to drummers, Aditya asks the drummers to at least beat for a while. Harsh and Anjana dance together in celebration. Aditya was pleased to see Zoya stand at the door. Zoya pushes Aditya away from her and says they are celebrating the disgrace of Yash. If his father saved them at the cost of Yash’s respect? Aditya questions if she wanted to spend the rest of her life in jail? Zoya questions what if some lawyer had proven that Pooja was a characterless girl to prove him innocent…. Aditya holds a hand to slap her but Harsh shouts to stop him. Zoya questions if their partners were as bad as to deserve this? Their partners didn’t deserve this treatment, they all considered him clinically depressed, suicidal, and even blamed him for Pooja’s murder. Didn’t they consider what Yash’s mother would go through? She stares into Aditya’s eyes and warns she will neither forget this, nor will she let him forget this. Aditya breaks a glass of drink. Zoya breaks two before leaving. Later, Harsh speaks to Aditya what if Zoya reopens the case, their credibility will get a setback.

In the hospital, Zoya sat with Madhu and says she has now decided to get justice for Yash on her own.
Aditya says he has now understood that only family stands beside you in times of utter need.

Zoya decides to reopen the case.

Anjana discuss with Aditya that they have decided to invite Zoya in Eid’s party. Harsh explains that Zoya is an emotional girl, she is ready to sacrifice her freedom for the mother of a man who cheated upon her. They must also try and create a bond with her.

PRECAP: Hood family invite Siddiqui family for Eid celebrations together. Aditya tries to convince Zoya to come to party and forget everything. In the party, Zoya had arrived. Aditya tries to convince Zoya that he is doing everything for his family like her.

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