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Both the family members pray for the well being of their kids.

Next morning, Aditya meets Harsh. Harsh says I made my choice. I have to get you out at any cost. If you want me to get Zoya out too then I will do it too! Promise me that you wont question me at all because of whatever happens in the court today. Aditya agrees not to question him till the time he saves both of them. Harsh looks relieved.

Court proceedings start. Harsh asks a question – why does someone kill anyone? Prosecution lawyer reminds him that this isn’t a philosophy class. how is it connected to the case? Harsh says there is no action without a reason. Why did the murders happen then? Yash and Pooja never had an affair. There would have been no question of murdering someone if there was nothing, right? Prosecution lawyer calls it his fake theories. He is just wasting our time. Harsh reasons that he has never done it before. Rajvir showed us a CCTV footage yesterday. I would like to call the owner of that shop here and ask him a few questions. Judge allows him. The guy steps in the witness box.

Harsh asks him if these 2 people did come to his shop on March 19th. He affirms. They wanted to buy the same gramophone for their respective partners. They even fought during that time. Harsh asks him if they used to come there often. Mr. Charlie denies. Zoya was a frequent visitor but Aditya was not. Harsh thanks him for helping him prove that they met as a coincidence. Mr. Charlie takes his seat. Harsh adds that Aditya is a pilot. He would not know if his passenger was having a heart attack or not but he wanted him to be immediately taken care of. He got info about the bad weather about not going anywhere else only after he landed. He presents the conversation to judge. He next calls the employees of Zosh. They confirm that Zoya wasn’t willing to pretend to be Aditya’s wife but she had no other option. They met only in the office and weren’t talking much to each other. She was forced for the wedding also. Harsh stresses all these points. He next asks the divorce lawyer (Mr. Dixit) about the divorce papers. He asks the prosecution lawyer if Yash had signed them. He nods. Harsh says he wanted it because he was having an affair with Pooja. That is a crime though as he was already married to Zoya. I can prove it that there were some problems because of which Yash wanted to divorce Zoya. He again asks Mr. Dixit if Pooja told him that she wants to divorce Aditya. Mr. Dixit nods. She told me once but she dint get back to me any time after that. It happens very often. Harsh asks him if he is sure Pooja and Yash were having an affair. Mr. Dixit is doubtful. Harsh insists that when the affair isn’t certain then how can we call Aditya and Zoya their murderers!

Prosecution lawyer (Rana) asks Harsh if he thinks Pooja gave the cheque of 5 crores to Yash in charity. Harsh reasons that she made an investment. If I give you a cheque right now then would that imply that we are having an affair? Everyone laughs while Rana is left speechless.

Harsh explains that Aditya joined Zosh to recover his money and Zoya also joined Zosh with a motive to revive the company. Why did Yash make Pooja his target? Zoya is taken aback by the word. Harsh says Yash never knew how to do business. He first married a girl from a rich family. It became a problem as she ran away from her home to marry him. He dint get any of her money. He started taking loans to fulfil her demands. He met Pooja and made her invest 5 crores in his company. Aditya remembers what his father had told him before the court proceedings started.

Harsh continues speaking against Yash. He was neither a good husband nor a good businessman. Ashish steps in the witness box next. He affirms that Yash took money from Pooja even though he told him against it. yash and I met Pooja in a Ghazal night. I have told this to Zoya as well. Harsh asks him if he means that Pooja was only Yash’s friend. Ashish replies that he would not be able to comment on that. I dint saw anything like that. Yash needed money and took it as a loan from Pooja. He instead used it to buy properties in Mumbai and Mussorie. Harsh thanks him. He presents the list of all the loans that Yash has taken till date. Does it mean he had an affair with all of them? If not then why do we only keep joining his name with Pooja Hooda!

Rana reasons that Pooja lied to Aditya and went to meet Yash. Police even found Aditya’s credit card there. Harsh says every wife keeps the credit card of her husband. This is nothing new. Yash was clinically depressed in the court. He had anxiety attacks every other day. His financial problems increased so much that he committed suicide. Madhu ji is stunned. Arjun wonders why Dad isn’t using the proof in diary.

Harsh says on 19th March, Pooja Hooda went to ask for her 5 crores but he dint have the money. He ended up committed suicide and took Pooja with him. Aditya and Zoya are stunned. Harsh says Pooja was indeed murdered. My next witness will prove that. Dr. Singh (Yash’s psychiatrist) comes forward who confirms that Yash had clinical depression. He was worried about his financial condition. Such patients sometimes harm themselves or others too. They can commit suicide if someone asks for their money back in such situation. Harsh thanks him for his confirmation. Harsh says Yash kept taking one wrong decision after another. The worst decision that he took was to commit suicide! He is Pooja’s actual murderer! Madhu ji cries while Zoya is in shock. Judge says there are no proofs of Pooja and Yash’s so called affair. There is no question of murder then. Yash committed suicide. Pooja was with him at that time so she also lost her life. Zoya and Aditya are innocent and free from all the charges. Zoya looks at Madhu ji who looks away sadly. Aditya hugs his father. Mahi comforts her mother. Rajvir seems highly upset. Zoya thinks of Harsh’s theories.

Precap: Zoya glares at Aditya. He congratulates her but she holds her hand. You promised that your father would set everything right and save us but you ruined Yash’s name and his family’s respect as well! Would you have liked it some lawyer had proven it in the court that Pooja is characterless and that she was having an affair if Yash? Aditya raises his hand angrily.

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