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Rajvir tells Zoya it is time to go. He extends his hand towards her when an old man holds it. How dare you touch someone who is offering her prayers? Rajvir shares his introduction. I respect your emotions but I have come to arrest some culprits. The guy introduces himself as the leader of the village Wasim. I only see a woman doing her prayers right now. I request you to come after Iftari. What message will you give to people this way? Rajvir tells him he is coming between law while Wasim ji tells him he is coming between religion.

Arjun says you cannot arrest me for any reason. I dint do anything. Inspector arrests him upon Rajvir’s orders. Anjana comes there. Police is about to arrest her as well when Harsh holds her hand. Anjana requests him to do something. Save Aditya. He assures her he is here now. He looks at the policemen pointedly and they all look down worriedly.

Rajvir asks Wasim ji if he thinks he will be able to save both of them. If they do not surrender after Roza-Iftari then I have shoot at sight orders for them. You can then think how people will feel when there will be gunshots here. I want these culprits alive or dead after Iftari! He leaves with his team.

Zoya and Aditya heave a sigh of relief as soon as Rajvir leaves.

Wasim and his wife come to meet Noor. She cries hugging her mother. Please save Appi. She assures Noor that everything will be fine as they are here. We will bring Zoya back. Stop crying. Wasim pats at her head. She hugs him. Madhu ji says you guys finally came when your daughters ruined everything. Hope you saw everything on TV. Your daughter ran away with Aditya Hooda! Was she like this since childhood or did you raise her like that only? Wasim declines. We dint raise her like that. She changed after marrying your son. It must be his effect. Madhu ji says we both are taunting each other’s kids. We fail to believe it when our own kids make mistakes. I know how it feels when our own kids cheat us. It isn’t the kids who are at fault but the mother who trusted her kid again and again even after they make mistakes. Noor’s mother tries to comfort her but Madhu ji refuses to accept any sympathy from her. Wasim says it shouldn’t be given even. If your son had lived up to his words and was loyal to Zoya then this wouldn’t have happened! Let’s not waste time in all this. I have come to find Zoya. I will go to police station to find some info about Zoya. Noor and her mother also offer to come along.

Anjana questions Sakshi as to why she is here. Sakshi says I came here for Aditya. He is my son even if no one will accept that. I will always be a part of this family. Anjana reminds her she isn’t a part of this family at all. In fact Aditya threw you out of the house himself! Stay away from my son, my family and this house! Remember it well.

Rajvir and his team are waiting right outside. Zoya and Aditya have told Wasim ji everything. Zoya says we don’t know why this game is being played but we had no other option. Aditya says my Dad will be home soon. He is a very big lawyer and he will take care of everything. We cannot get arrested till he is back. Wasim ji says mind says I am doing the wrong thing by going against police but my heart tells me otherwise. I will surely help you. There would be a reason as to why they are here. God has sent you and I am no one to meddle in His matter. Don’t worry. I will surely help you guys. I too have a daughter like Zoya but she is far away from me. I worry thinking what if she falls in trouble some day and I will be helpless. I get peace thinking that my prayers will help her somehow and someone will help her. Zoya thanks him. My Abbu’s name is also Wasim. He blesses her. Aditya assures Wasim ji they wont be in any problem because of them. We will leave before Iftari. Wasim ji advises him against it. I will get you out of here when it turns dark. Police has shoot at sight orders. It is said that you are blessed when you help someone in Ramzan month. I will help you. Put aside your worries. I will arrange for some new clothes for you. Everything will be fine. Aditya requests him for a phone so he can call at home. Wasim ji gives him his phone and goes. A guy peeks at them.

Wasim ji closes the door as he steps out of the house. The guy questions him. You are risking everyone’s life for those culprits! They are murderers! Wasim ji replies that they are guests sent by God. Keep quiet if you respect me even a little. The guy is in a fix.

Harsh is with Anjana. She insists upon going with him. I want my Aditya back. He promises her he will bring her son back safely at any cost. She nods. I know it. My son called me mother after so many years. He fell asleep in my lap. I finally got him back. I cannot lose him again! He promises her she wont lose anything. You will get your Aditya back. His phone is ringing. He disconnects once but then picks the clal thinking it could be Aditya. It is indeed Aditya.

Wasim asks Inspector what his daughter did. What proofs did you find that you issued non-bailable warrant? Wasn’t it enough that she went through so much already that you are doing this against her now? Do remember that she is innocent! Don’t chase her for God’s sake or I wont spare anyone! You don’t know what I can do! Inspector shows him the door. Wasim is all the more angry. His wife tells him to think with a cool mind. We need police’s help right now. We will be in trouble if mess up with them.

Aditya and Zoya change clothes. She is still limping because of her wound. He helps her sit. I am sorry. It’s entirely my fault. If I hadn’t forced you to run then this wouldn’t have happened. I fail to understand why Rajvir is after us! She tells him to calm down. It isn’t right to be upset in this month. It isn’t enough to keep Roza and pray. This also teaches us to have patience and have faith that good will win over evil. There is some hidden message behind it. We get saved at the last minute whenever things go wrong. It is Allah Miyan who saves us some way or other. Today it was Wasim Chacha and the other day it was you when I slit my wrist. They both think of that incident. He says it wasn’t just you who saved me. You don’t know how many times you saved me from doing something wrong; from becoming someone who I am not! She says I am only saying that we both have to get out of it together. I know that we both are innocent. We will surely prove it before everyone! Before coming here, I was afraid thinking what will happen if we are put behind bars for no reason but after meeting Wasim Chacha I felt that no one can harm those who are blessed by God. He nods.

Mahi is irked to see Rajvir waiting. Rajvir says snake can hide as much as it wants but it has to step out to die. Zoya and Aditya will also die once Iftari is over. No one will be able to save them from me then. I have only one motive in life – to send them behind bars or!

Precap: Zoya and Aditya make preps for Iftari together. She makes him wear a cap and they break the Roza together.

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