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Aditya tells Zoya they must support each other to save ourselves. Are you with me? She nods. I will support you but how will we get out of here? Police is everywhere. He speaks of a plan.

Inspector asks his team to surround the house from all the directions. Rajvir asks him to call someone.

Wasim is getting impatient. Phones, Emails are not working. How will we find out about the kids? Since childhood, we dint let them face any problem but today they are surrounded by problems while we are stuck here. His wife says I was telling you again and again to call them once. They may be anywhere but it would have been a relief to know they are just a phone call away. They could then also call us in case of any problem. We don’t leave kids on their own; or not talk to them when they make their own choices. Wasim agrees. we will leave for airport right away. His servant tells them that the weather is really bad outside. We cannot go. Zoya’s Ammi prays for the wellbeing of her daughters.

Noor reaches Hooda House. She is confused to see so many policemen outside. She pays the auto driver and tries to go inside but she isn’t allowed. Inspector says till now she is inside but we are going to put her and her lover Aditya in the jail. We will arrest them. She insists upon going inside but police does not let her go. Arjun asks his servant what’s happening. He is told that a girl is trying to get inside. Arjun goes to check. Arjun is headed towards the door when Rajvir notices Zoya and Aditya escaping from the house stealthily. Arjun and Noor also notice it. Noor wonders what Aditya is going to make her sister do. Arjun runs inside. Noor notices him running but has not seen her face.

Rajvir and his team chase them and stop them. You think you are too smart. Prison is waiting for you. They turn and turn out to be someone else instead. Arjun looks on in shock. Rajvir asks them about Aditya but then goes back inside to check on them.

Harsh is still not able to reach out to anyone.

Arjun gets his father’s call. He tells his father everything. Harsh asks him why he dint stop them. I thought you will handle everything in my absence. Arjun swears he had no idea. Bhai must have made this plan after seeing the warrant only. Zoya got unconscious. Harsh says I dint die. I will come and manage everything. Do I have to also tell you that they will become real culprits in the eyes of law if they abscond? Arjun overhears Rajvir talking to his Senior on call. He addresses Aditya and Zoya as criminals. You know what happens with criminals who run away. I need shoot at sight orders. We will then see where they will go! Anjana snatches the phone from Arjun’s hands. Do anything, be it right or wrong, I just want my son safe and at home! Do something or I will kill myself. Harsh tells her to control herself. I am Aditya’s father. I will do whatever best I can! Arjun comforts his mother. Go to your room. I will handle everything. Harsh tells him to find Aditya before Rajvir does. I wont be able to do anything otherwise. Arjun agrees. He sends his mother to her room and goes to look for Aditya and Zoya.

Aditya comes to his friend Bobby’s house. He asks him for help. Can I stay here for the night? Bobby looks at his wife who shakes her head at him. Bobby asks Aditya if this is police case. Aditya nods. it is just about tonight though. Father will come back by tomorrow and he will manage everything.

Mahi is speaking to someone on phone. The lady thanks her for sharing all the pictures. They are viral now. Mahi says it isn’t needed. I can give you more photos if you want. Just do what I told you to. She agrees and ends the call. She watches the latest news and is shocked to know that Aditya and Zoya ran away from police.

A lady from NGO asks Sakshi if she also thinks that Aditya only killed Pooja. He loved her very much right? Sakshi calls it impossible. Aditya and Pooja’s relation might be of any kind but he cannot kill Pooja ever. If he had known about Yash then he would have let Pooja go himself. Someone is certainly trying to trap him. The lady takes her leave. Take care. Sakshi wonders what Aditya is doing. Wish you had come to me. Maybe I could have helped you.

Zoya cries wondering if police really thinks they killed their partners. Plus, Mahi cheated me! She was my friend! Aditya asks her to open her eyes now atleast. Mahi was never your friend. She never thought you to be her own. She was only using you so she could get insurance money. They hear Bobby shouting at his wife Ritu.

All staff members are gathered in Zosh. Mona wonders if the news is true. Akansha has faith it cannot be but Shawn wonders why they ran away from the house when they are not guilty. Vinod says I too would have run if I was in their place. We don’t know how long it will take to get a verdict once police arrests you. Mithilesh ji says why Rajvir called us here. Rajvir says it is because everything happened right in front of all of you. You all are my witnesses. You have 2 options – law or the absconding criminals! Be careful if you choose number 2 option. Those who give shelter to culprits are also culprits in the eyes of law. He turns to Mithilesh ji. Am I right? Why are you sweating? You knew they were lying to Virani’s. Do not lie. I know you knew it. You also knew they weren’t married. He angrily asks him to answer when Shawn begins to say something. Rajvir slaps him. Shut up! Answer when you are asked a question. Inspector confiscates their phones upon Rajvir’s instructions. Rajvir is heading outside when Mahi praises him. You are an amazing CBI Officer. They fooled you and you dint even know? Rajvir sternly tells her that he does not owe her any explanation. Before you meet the same fate like everyone else, just get out of here. She tells him he cannot talk to her like this. I promised you something and I made it happen while you dint keep your promise. Keep your attitude to yourself. Rajvir tells her that he can put her in jail right away if he would like to. Keep your big mouth shut. Aditya and Zoya will end up in jail at any cost! You will then see how my career will shape up then. You think their father has enough money to make anything happen but it wont happen this time? They have proved themselves as culprits after running away from the house! If anyone thought that we are doing wrong with them then their doubt will be clear now. They did it themselves. He gets a call from someone and agrees to reach right away. Mahi asks him about the call. Did you get any info about them? He tells her to keep guessing and drives away.

Bobby tells Aditya and Zoya to leave right away. I am so sorry. My wife has informed police. Hurry up. Aditya and Zoya leave from there.

Aditya and Zoya are running. Zoya asks him till when they will run. He speaks of the taxi stand ahead. A car stops in front of them right then. To their dismay, it is Rajvir who steps out of the car. He aims his gun at them. Where do you wish to go? Jail or above? Zoya looks at Aditya as he holds her hand.

Precap: Few muslims pass from where Zoya and Aditya are standing. They mix up in the crowd and are wearing burqas. Zoya gets a sprain in her feet. Aditya asks her to try to stand. Rajvir points his gun at Aditya’s head. Shall we?

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