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She holds out a red rose towards him and confesses her love for him. Aditya looks at her speechlessly. She asks him if he remembers how he made her see the good in herself. It is the biggest truth of my life. In fact even my mom couldn’t understand me as much as you did in the past few days. I am sure you must be thinking I am a really forward girl but love makes us fearless. You know I am already very fearless. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I really love you.

Aditya takes the rose which makes Mahi happy. Are you crazy to even think of that? I never wanted to give you nay wrong signal. What were you thinking? I do not feel that ways towards her and it can never be. I only see a very good friend in you and nothing more. I am really sorry. He keeps the rose back in her hand. I am sure there would be a lucky guy for you in this world too. He will keep you really happy. She asks him what was all that he was doing since all these days. he replies that he was doing it to poke Zoya. Did it go overboard? I am sorry but I never crossed any limit. I am sorry if you think I did that. I only wanted to make her like she was before her suicide attempt. She wasn’t reacting at all. She was only protective towards you so I did all that. I dint think you will think all this. She calls herself stupid. I listened to my heart again and fooled myself. I will think it to be a lesson. I will see you later. She turns to go. He says we became good friends this way atleast. You wont break our friendship right? She looks at his hand and then at him but shakes hands with him. Ofcourse! In fact our friendship will become deep. She begins to walk away.

Mahi cries wondering why this happens to her only. What do I lack? Has God not etched the line of love in my hand? Bhaiya and Aditya did the same.

Zoya asks Mahi why she is crying. Mahi crumples the flower angrily. Zoya looks behind Mahi and notices Aditya. Mahi throws the flower angrily and leaves.

Inspector tells Harsh it isn’t easy. Senior is handling the case. Harsh asks him to get the details of that senior atleast. Inspector agrees.

Zoya says this is what I was worried about. You don’t listen to me anyways and now you broke her heart! I don’t know what all you can think of. He explains that he never did anything special for Mahi. How did she feel special when I dint do anything special for her? I only joked with her and had some fun moment. I dint even flirt with her. I dint even try to trap her. It’s not my fault. Why did she fell for me? She says you don’t do anything always. You gave so much attention to the girl who you never spoke to; you looked at her intensely and were nice to her. It is so obvious that her heart melted for you! He holds her real close. Now I am holding you really close and I am looking at you intensely. Do you also feel something towards me now? Did your heart melt towards me now? Mahi is watching them from far. Zoya frees herself. You know how it feels when heart breaks! How can you even think of doing that with someone then? He insists he dint make any false promises to Mahi and dint cheat her. I dint do anything intentionally. You know that. I have apologized to her in case of any misunderstanding. I have apologized to her. A, I cannot love Mahi. B, I cannot love again! Who can know it better than you? Will I be able to love again after what we have been through?

Mahi comes to Virani House. Everyone is talking happily and Mahi begins to scold them for no reason. She sends everyone back to work. No one wants to do anything! Sagarika asks her how it was. Did you get what you wanted or? Seems like you dint! This is what happens when you try to become a bone in someone else’s life. It is better to find your own kebab. Mahi walk away irked.

Aditya walks up to Mahi. Zoya looks on from far. Aditya again apologizes to her. I never wanted to hurt you. Forgive me as a friend. She lies that she is absolutely fine and goes. Aditya feels bad. He finds himself facing Zoya but he begins to walk away when Sagarika stops them. Did you guys fight again? She gives a flower to Aditya. You can always pacify a woman with it. Mahi is also watching them. Sagarika makes Aditya do it with love. Also, tell her that you only love her and wont do it again. Aditya ends up saying it. Zoya looks at him and accepts the flower. She walks away after saying thank you. Aditya thanks Sagarika who smiles.

Rajvir comes out of the hiding place and looks at the photo.

Rajvir is speaking to his Senior. I have lot many proofs and I am now sure that the accident is somehow related to Aditya and Zoya. It wasn’t an accident but an incident! He finds Mahi reading his file and ends the call. She figures out that he is CBI Officer Rajvir Khanna. You have come to know the truth behind Yash Bhaiya’s death. Aditya was telling me how you were asking him strange things when you took him out for a tea in the morning. You have also clicked many photos of them. You must be thinking how they can be so lovey-dovey when they just lost their spouses. I know that you need proof against Aditya and Zoya. You will need my help for that. He is surprised. She reasons that enemy’s enemy is enemy after all! He advises her to think through. On one hand, it is your Bhabhi while on the other hand; it is the guy who you love immensely! You thought I wouldn’t know? You are talking about helping me? She says Zoya snatched my brother and everything from me. She is my nothing. I cannot go through what she went through, even if it means with Aditya. Are we friends now? He asks her how she will help him. She tells him to leave it on her. Everything will be over by tomorrow. Trust me. They shake hands. Mahi thinks Zoya Siddiqui, whoever becomes the thorn in my life, is plucked out! See how I will make your drama before everyone! Enough of comedy, now there will be drama!

Rajvir and Mahi are having coffee. Rajvir says I will very soon end the rat and mouse game. She asks him if he is sure that the guy they are meeting will help them. He speaks positively. A guy sits in the backseat. Rajvir gives him money. Hope you remember what you have to do? He assures him that the work will be done. We are doing this since last 50 years. He leaves. Rajvir tells Mahi his work is done. Now he will see what she does. She tells him to wait and watch. They decide to make the

Bank rep tells Aditya that they have only 48 hours left to repay the loan. Aditya repeats it for him. What are you doing her before time? Zoya calms him and assures the bank rep that they will give them the money asap. Bank rep isn’t interested to know about their contract. Your time limit is final. He goes. Mahi coughs. Zoya requests Mahi to bring Aditya with him. He wont listen to me. She leaves with the interns.

Anjana comes to Sakshi’s room when she is taking bath. She checks the cupboards and finds an envelope. Sakshi comes out just when Anjana is about to open it. She takes the envelope from Anjana’s hands. I couldn’t even think in my dreams that you would stoop so low. Earlier you used to only taunt me. I kept quiet because of Aditya and you thought I will bear all your insults and taunts? I am here as you only requested me to stay here for Aditya. You seem to forget it. You always blame me whenever something goes wrong with Aditya. Why else would you come in my room like a thief? Anjana says you also go out of the house stealthily. I have decided to make sure you keep no secrets from my family come what may. Sakshi feels it would be better to leave the house instead. I cannot bear you insult me like this every other day. Arjun overhears their fight.

Mahi asks Aditya to come. This event is very important for us. We must reach there asap. He asks her if she is fine. She nods. Aditya gets Arjun’s call. Mom and Sakshi aunty had a fight. I wont be able to handle it. Come soon. Aditya agrees. He tells Mahi he will reach venue directly. Mahi informs Rajvir. He will come directly from home. Rajvir says I think I overestimated you. She says Zoya and I am about to reach and Aditya will also be there. This plan is very important for me. I cannot let it fail.

Virani’s are doing some puja. Sumit asks Zoya and her team to remove their shoes and come. Zoya asks Mahi about Aditya and is told that he went home. They all sit down for the puja. Rajvir signals Mahi. Pundit ji is the same guy who Rajvir paid some money last night. He tells Virani’s that there is some dosha on entire family. It is because of the new people you have recently met. Mahi asks about the pundit ji. Kalpesh gives his intro. If he is saying something then it must be truth. Pundit ji asks them to give kundli’s of all those with whom they have recently connected. Someone asks about Aditya. Zoya says he might be coming. Pundit ji looks at Zoya. Did you and your husband face some problem recently? He checks her hand. Something is surely there. Is your husband with you? Zoya thinks of Yash’s death. Mahi lies that he is on his way. Pundit ji says it seems as if something is incomplete in your wedding. How did you marry? Someone says they eloped. Zoya adds that they married in court. Pundit ji speaks of following all the wedding rituals like everyone else. This is the reason why your planets are not in sync with Virani family. Kanti ji asks for a solution. We have an event with them. Pundit ji tells them against it. Your company will be doomed that ways. Zoya and her husband will have to marry following all the rituals. This is the only solution. Mahi and Rajvir smile.

Rajvir says I am sure not everyone will be in agreement with the solution. Practically, the event cannot be cancelled. We don’t need much. We can get them married if we make a few more arrangements. There would be no problem as you guys are already worried. The dosha will be also gone. Pundit ji praises him. Zoya is tensed. Kanti ji asks Zoya to call Aditya. We will get you guys married right away. We will then proceed with the event.

Sakshi is leaving. Anjana tells her she does not care if she stays or leaves. I have found out your truth. Wish Aditya was here. Arjun requests Sakshi to stay. Aditya comes in just then. He notices the suitcase in Sakshi’s hands and her tears. This is your house as well. You wont go anywhere and that’s final! Anjana asks him to ask Sakshi what she is hiding but he refuses. Don’t you have anything else to do? I told you and I am telling you for the last time. I don’t wish to know anything. I only know that I can trust her more than you. You were busy in your problems with Mr. Hooda. She wont go anywhere. Sakshi tells Aditya it would be right if she leaves. Our relation wont change. Please let me go. He declines but she asks him to listen. The suitcase falls down in the process and the photo flashes.

Zoya is trying Aditya’s number but he isn’t picking. I wont be able to do it! Mahi watches her thus. Rajvir stops her from going inside. It is time to weave your magic. You must convince her at any cost. She assures him that she will do it. I know all her weaknesses. She goes inside. Zoya tells Mahi she wont be able to do it. Mahi says we have no other option. We must do it. Zoya looks at her in shock.

Aditya looks at the photo. Sakshi tries to touch him but he tells her against it. She asks for a chance to let her explain. It isn’t what it appears to be. He says you knew. Yes or no? She ends up saying yes. He drops the photo in shock. I don’t want to hear anything. He looks at Anjana and then turns to Sakshi. I trusted you more than my own mother. She always kept telling me not to repeat my mistake again but I did! I am sorry for trusting you more than my mother. I thought Pooja and I are your kids and that you love us equally but I was wrong. You chose your cheater daughter instead of me! She says it isn’t so. I went there to tell them they are doing the wrong thing. he asks her why she hid it from him then. Why did you cheat me? She replies that he knows her. It isn’t so. He says I used to know you. It was a lie! Pooja used to tell you everything. She must have told you about her affair and made you meet Yash. You must have thought Aditya is mad for Pooja and he would do whatever she will say. I couldn’t understand how I dint know that Pooja was cheating me. She wasn’t alone. She had you. You were both cheating me! Like mother, like daughter! Both of you are cheaters! Sakshi says it is better that I leave the house then. He agrees.

Arjun calls it unfair. You dint give aunty a chance to even explain. Anjana advises him not intervene in the matter. It is between Sakshi and Aditya. Sakshi picks her bag and looks at Aditya but he turns his back to her.

Zoya asks Mahi what she is saying. How will it happen? Mahi calls her selfish for only thinking about herself. Not your fault! Maybe you have been taught to not think of anyone else but yourself. You were leaving the company forgetting all your promises! I think it isn’t your fault. I think you are weak. You cannot handle the pressure. Maybe that’s why Yash Bhaiya used to tell all his problems to Pooja. I don’t blame you. Don’t cry. That’s the way you are. I will tell everyone that we will be closing down. How does it matter to you? Interns will struggle. Everyone came to you with their savings that day but you wont marry for their sake! Mom and I were by your side in your bad times even when we dint want to. I understand you cannot make such a big sacrifice. Zoya begins to say something but Mahi taunts her on that as well. Your “Hum” only has you. We are not a part of it! She walks away in a huff.

Rajvir tells his junior to keep Harsh at bay for some time. He tells the same to Harsh who agrees to wait till tomorrow.

Sagarika asks Zoya to call her parents. They must be so happy to see their daughter happy. Zoya thinks of the fight that has happened when she had chosen to marry Yash. They don’t like Aditya which is why we ran away from the house. They wont come. Sagarika says I understand but don’t worry, we are with you. Zoya tries Noor’s number.

Sakshi says pointing fingers at someone and punishing them for their misdeed is easy. It is much easier when you don’t have the courage to listen to your side of the story. My daughter was wrong. She did the wrong thing but what did your and Pooja’s relation lack that she was seeking outside? Think about it if you get time. He says this is what I have been thinking. I did everything I could. You used to remind me of all the important dates and things all along. I fail to understand what I did wrong! Anjana says you (Sakshi) are still lecturing my son even after whatever happened. You are still taking Pooja’s side? He loved you always. He had a mother yet he thought of you as his mother. You only cheated him in return. Stop acting nice. My son has only one mother – I! Sakshi walks out of Hooda House.

Noor is at Virani House. Noor tells her Appi not to fall for Mahi’s words. She is a snake. Mahi asks her what she is then. Zoya stops Noor from reacting. Mahi says you don’t care about what is going on in your sister’s life. You only wanted your freedom which is why you ran from Mussorie. Now that your wishes have been fulfilled, you want to take your Appi back with you as your cover. Zoya asks Noor about it. Mahi acts innocent. All this internship was a sham? You were lying to your Appi since all these days? Learn to speak truth and then complain about me. Zoya asks Noor if this is truth. Noor calls Mahi over smart. I will tell Appi everything. Zoya asks her again. Noor nods. Zoya slaps her. Don’t utter another word. You broke my trust. You lied to me? Go home and pack your bags. You are going home today itself. Noor cries. Zoya walks away in tears. Mahi tells Noor it happens sometimes in relations. Should I book a taxi for you? Noor shrugs her hand away. Mahi smiles.

Anjana comes to Aditya’s room. She keeps her hand at his shoulder and he holds her tight and cries. She cries as well. He says why it happens with me always. Whoever I love and trust cheats me? I am so sorry. She tells him it is ok but he says you have been trying to tell me but I couldn’t understand. She comforts him. He rests his head in her lap and cries. She tells him not to cry. I am here. He falls asleep while crying. His phone vibrates in the background.

Zoya asks Mahi why she also hid this truth from her. Mahi says I thought Noor would have told you. focus on the problem at hand. The marriages in serials are also fake. I will request Pundit ji to read fake mantras. It will be a fake marriage only. Don’t worry. Akansha shares that Aditya isn’t picking anyone’s calls. Mahi tells her to keep trying.

Rajvir asks Zoya if she is still not ready. Kanti uncle has been speaking of cancelling the contract. I convinced him for now but you must hurry up. Zoya excuses herself.

Servant tells Anjana that Zoya is here. Anjana meets Zoya. My son has been through a lot today but not anymore. He fell asleep while crying. Don’t disturb him. Aditya comes out.

Aditya shakes his head. She says would I have come here if there was some other way. You know how difficult it is with me. He tells her that she cannot even imagine what’s happening in his life. I cannot act anymore. She says you have been trying to convince me that everyone’s life is connected to me. How can you leave me alone when we are on the last page of this drama? Anjana wonders what Zoya is telling Aditya. Aditya is quiet. Zoya tells him she is going but she is sure he will come, if not for me then for the sake of all those whose lives are connected with Zosh. Aditya thinks of his wedding with Pooja and of her death.

Precap: Mahi and Sagarika are dancing. Zoya is all dressed up. She keeps looking at the door. Aditya comes just then. Aditya and Zoya come down dressed as bride and groom.

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