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Zoya comes to Mahi’s home and requests her to let her in once. Mahi tells her they aren’t related. You cannot come in the house. Just go. Zoya insists that Yash was her husband. His memories are associated with this house. Just let me visit his room once. I want to spend some time with his memories. She cries. Mahi repeats her words. We share nothing yet you came here to get insulted. Do whatever you want to outside but you wont get entry inside the house. Zoya begs her to let her in. I don’t want anything else. Mahi switches on tv and raises the volume to douse Zoya’s voice. Mahi’s mother says how Zoya will spend the night outside like this. Mahi isn’t interested. She should have thought of this before coming here. Mahi notices her mother melting and warns her against it. She dint
come to mend the broken relations when Bhaiya was alive. She only separated Bhaiya from us. She has no relation with us! She goes inside. Zoya falls on the ground crying / mumbling the same thing.

Police Station, Mussorie:
Constable keeps something in the drawer named after Yash and Pooja.

Mr. Huda says it is just 8 am and 5 people already called to know what happened last night. He couldn’t keep his emotions in check even for a few hours. Arjun brings Pooja’s mom outside. Aditya comes out wearing his uniform. His family is surprised to see him whistling. Arjun asks Aditya if he will fly plane today. Aditya nods. I will do it as I am a pilot. Hope you remember you had a court case today. arjun replies that he isn’t going anywhere today. Someone else will handle it. Aditya says you have a lot of time to waste. I am going. Arjun tells him he wont be allowed to fly the plane after whatever happened. Aditya tells him to chill. Everything is normal. He leaves. Arjun congratulates his father. you wanted Bhai to behave normally. In fact, we should all learn something from him. We will behave as if nothing happened. we will talk about Pooja Bhabhi only when someone calls or comes ot meet. We will otherwise forget about her presence. Perfect solution! Pooja’s mom leaves. Mr. Huda tells his wife he is worried. Aditya isn’t fine. There is a storm inside him. She is surprised to see him care for Aditya. He nods. I worry about all of us. This storm will destroy everything!

Mahi wakes Zoya. Zoya asks her if she can come inside now. Mahi asks her what she wants to prove by her acting. You want to prove how poorly we are treating you? Zoya wishes to be in Yash’s room for an hour but Mahi shouts at her to go away. Joshi ji (Yash’s lawyer) comes there. He has come to discuss Yash’s properties and assets after Yash’s death. Mahi invites him inside while Mahi’s mother asks Zoya to come in to change her clothes. Mahi walks away upset. Zoya nods.

Aditya comes to office. Everyone is shocked to see him. He asks them why his name wasn’t on roster. His Boss is surprised to see him. We feel bad to know what happened. We dint expect that you will come here after that. Aditya asks him to mention his name on the roster. His Boss reasons that it is protocol that he should not fly a plane for now. Aditya says if I pass the stress test then I can fly the plane. His Boss nods. You will have to take

Joshi ji tells everyone that Yash dint make a will so as per Indian Law, everything goes to his wife Zoya. He tells Zoya everything is hers now. I am sure you know that Yash was about to go bankrupt. There is a lot of loan. Bank refused to give loan anymore. If you still sell everything then you will still not be able to pay off anything! Zoya is in disbelief. There was so much that Yash did while he was alive. He pampered me so much. You are mistaken. Mahi says it was my brother’s mistake to marry you. He tried his best to provide you the lifestyle that your father gave to you! He isn’t alive because of you! He has worked so hard to provide you your lifestyle but you were too busy in your life! Mahi’s mother stops her. Zoya says I dint know anything or I wouldn’t have let him do all that. Mahi says you were his wife. Some things are to be understood. Who was that Aditya? He was saying that Bhai was having an affair. Zoya calls it a lie but Mahi says he will be right. That girl must be supporting Bhai through thick and thin. You only became his wife and nothing more. zoya calls it a happy marriage. Mahi cuts her short. Your happy marriage killed my brother! Just go! Zoya runs upstairs. She locks herself in a room and cries.

Mahi asks Joshi ji to transfer property in her name. Joshi ji is hesitant but Mahi says Zoya does not know how to run a business. She will return to Mussorie in a few days.

Zoya calls her mother. Am I such a bad wife? He told me he loved me yet he dint tell me anything! She breaks down. Wasim takes the phone. I am coming.

Boss tells the examiner to give the worst kind of test to Aditya. Create so many hurdles that he fails in driving it himself. Aditya mentally challenges himself. No one could defeat me till now. He starts the test and passes it too. Aditya walks up to his boss. You gave me every possible situation. Agree that I am fine now. Boss advises him to wait for his test results.

Mahi asks Zoya to sign the papers. Do some good for the company as it is in this condition because of you only! You only used to say how much you love Bhaiya. What is the problem now? Sign these papers and give this company to me! She shouts at Zoya. Zoya is about to sign when her father announces that she wont sign anything. Zoya hugs her father. Mahi says the father of the princess is here. It is good. Sign the papers and return to your castle! Wasim points out that his team of lawyers will verify the papers and then they will make any decision. Aren’t you ashamed to fall so low? You are Yash’s sister and are banishing his wife from his property? Humanity is no more. Mahi taunts Zoya again. You are indeed a princess as you push everyone to fight for you. Tell your father how your worries! Wasim says Zoya is innocent. You can fool her but not me. How much expenditures did Zoya had that the company failed? It is because Yash had no business sense. Mahi says he bought a diamond ring for your daughter before he died. Wasim says it is money that you want. You want money even though your brother died? Name the price. We keep making donations. If you talk to my daughter in this manner afterwards then! Mahi tells him she isn’t like Zoya who gets afraid. I will tell the world if I have to! Her mother tells her to stop. This isn’t the way to talk to elders. Apologise to him! Mahi refuses. I have to take care of myself and I will. I have no one who can stand for me. Joshi ji advises everyone to sort the matter asap. Company cannot bear any more loss. Hope no court notice comes in between. Wasim tells him to send them papers. My legal team will check them. Joshi ji agrees. Wasim asks Zoya to come. We have a flight at 1. Now our lawyers will manage everything. We don’t have to get into this matter anymore. He takes Zoya with her.

Aditya is already at the airport. Wasim and Zoya come too. Wasim gives coffee to Zoya. Aditya passes the stress test.

Zoya is haunted by Mahi’s words. The world may say anything but I know Yash loved me very much. We were very happy with each other. Her ring falls down. Aditya stands in front of Zoya. He notices the ring in her hand. Maybe it does not wish to stay with you. Why are you after it? She turns to go but he blocks her way. Finally you are going back? Did your in-laws throw you out? He checks her ticket. Father is accompanying you. You will atleast reach Mussorie safely. You can keep looking at this ring in your empty house there. Spend your life thinking the lies. I am sure this is what you are going to do? I have been through what you went through. Look at me. I am strong whereas you are weak! Your in-laws said so much to you yet you are running away instead of answering them back? What did you do after finding out that your husband is a cheater? You are running away. Go ahead. Your father raised you in a protective manner. You don’t know how to face the situations so you are running away. Run like you always do but you cannot run from the truth! She tells she isn’t running away. It isn’t me but you who is running away. You dint shed a tear for your wife and were drinking. What do you wish to prove by shouting at me again and again? You don’t have feelings and nothing affects you? Your wife died around 24 hours and you are here to fly a plane? You aren’t angry with me but with yourself. You still love her very much. Aditya stares at her pointedly. Zoya tells him to do whatever he wants to. You can act to be normal if you want to but remember that I am a better person than you. I accept that I am broken after what happened with me. I am not running away from the truth like you though! She walks away.

Zoya is disturbed thinking about all that she heard today. She walks past her seat and her father calls out to her. He tells her not to worry. Aditya’s words echo in Zoya’s head. Am I running away from the truth? Does Yash want me to stay here? Wasim asks her what she is thinking. She says nothing. I just need a sign from God that I am doing the right thing.

Aditya and his co-pilot take their seats. Aditya announces that they are ready to take off. He is haunted by Zoya’s words. Zoya holds the sides of her seat in tension. Aditya goes blank. His co-pilot asks him to take off as the runway is about to end. Aditya keeps thinking about all that happened and thinks of Zoya’s words. His co-pilot’s pleas are finally heard. Aditya stops the plane right near the boundary. I cant fly! His colleague reasons that he passed the test but Aditya keeps repeating this is reality. I cant fly! Air hostess announces that the flight got delayed due to some technical fault. zoya gets her sign and thanks God. Wasim assures Zoya he will take her home on another flight today itself. She refuses to go back. I will stay here with Yash’s memories. Maybe this is what God wants. Maybe Yash wanted it too. I wont go anywhere. She meets Aditya while she is about to get down.

Precap: Zoya tells Aditya that they may like it or not but their lives are connected. Aditya says it brought them together maybe to make sure that she accepts the truth about her husband. Aditya breaks Pooja’s photo angrily. Till now I only loved you but now I only hate you! Zoya is taken aback to see Aditya in the office. He tells her that now he owns her and throws papers on her face!

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