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Everyone claps for the participants. Zoya pulls Aditya closer. What happened? How did you have so inspired to win suddenly? She replies that she can dance but she wont be able to do that (kiss). They stand on the paper and stand real close. Zoya’s eyes are pinned on the paper and so is Rajvir’s. Music stops. Aditya folds the paper as per the rule. Aditya and Zoya look at each other worriedly. Mahi is watching them from far (she is wearing a burqa). I am trying to create my love story with Adi but this Zoya keeps coming in between. What does she want? Paper is folded again after another pause. Mahi takes a seat.

Sagarika asks Kalpesh to lift her in his arms. Zoya worries what they should do now. We cannot let our company lose. Aditya promises her that they wont lose. She closes her eyes as Aditya lifts her in his arms. Kalpesh is not able to balance with Sagarika in his arms. They also loose. Aditya and Zoya win the competition. Rajvir walks up to them. You defeated me which is very rare. It means that you both can go to any length for your love! He sits down once again. Zoya is happy whereas Aditya is puzzled at his questions and taunts. What does he wish to know? He calms himself down. Don’t spoil your mood. Mahi thinks this dinner will be spoiled as I am here.

Harsh leaves for a meeting reluctantly.

Sagarika and Kalpesh are feeding each other. Sagarika looks at Zoya and Aditya. You are such a boring couple. Love increases when you share the same plate. Aditya will make Zoya eat. Zoya denies. Sagarika smiles. She is getting shy as if she is the new bride. Mahi is irked with Rajvir. Aditya and my track was going well but this idiot came up! He always brings them close. Sagarika again asks Aditya to feed Zoya. He makes an excuse and heads to washroom. He collides with Mahi on his way and ends up calling her Didi. Mahi walks out of the restaurant upset. She asks for a cake from waiter.

Harsh comes to the same restaurant with his junior. Who keeps a meeting at such crowded place? Rajvir looks at him. He only had booked an appointment with Harsh. It will be fun when your father will see Aditya with his wife.

Waiter gives the cake to Mahi. She confirms with him if he has added enough strawberries in it. He affirms. She next asks him to give the cake to Zoya. He is hesitant but she lies that it is a birthday surprise for her. She will be thrilled. Waiter agrees.

Aditya steps out of the restroom and notices his father in the restaurant. He ends up putting his face in the cake. Mahi is shocked. Rajvir gets busy with Kalpesh and Sagarika when Aditya takes Zoya aside. Mahi wonders what happened to him. Sagarika also wonders where Aditya and Zoya are. Rajvir shares that they are a couple after all. They need some alone time. He is happy that his plan is going in the right direction.

Zoya and Aditya are in a car. Zoya asks Aditya why he got her out like this. We dint say anything to anyone before leaving. He tells her that Mr. Hooda was at the restaurant. He would have become allergic if he had seen us. Aditya starts sneezing. She asks him if he got some allergy. He shares that he has allergy from strawberries. That was a strawberry cake. She tells him that she too has allergy from strawberries. She gives him medicine.

Aditya takes the medicine as directed by Zoya. He keeps scratching his face and is sneezing as well. He gulps down the entire bottle thinking that it isn’t showing any effect. He experiences dizziness / sleep and passes out.

Zoya lies down to sleep. She hears some noise outside her window and also sees a shadow. She picks a vase and demands to know who is there. Zoya screams loudly as Aditya jumps inside. Her scream wakes Madhu ji and Mahi.

Zoya goes quiet upon noticing Aditya. Zoya hits Aditya with the vase (playfully). What are you doing here at this hour? Is this some dharamshala where you can come as you please? She asks him if he drank alcohol. He denies. I only drank medicine. She reminds of the portions advised but he talks in inebriated mode. Madhu ji and Mahi knock at the door.

Aditya says your ex-MIL and ex-SIL are here. Let’s meet them. She hides him behind the bed. Make no voice. Madhu ji keeps calling out to Zoya. She finally opens the door. Madhu ji asks her if she is fine. We heard you screaming. Zoya looks back and notices Aditya looking up from the bed. She lies that she saw a really bad dream and got scared. Madhu ji tells her to take care. They both go.

Zoya pulls Aditya out of the hiding place. I request you to please go. He agrees. You should do something for me before that. Fix me please. She asks him how she can do this. He says it is because of you so you only will fix it. She tells him to take responsibilities of his own actions. Will you blame me for everything? He pins her to the bed. Aditya says my action was to trust someone, love someone and marry her. It was also my action to that I got cheated. Should I take responsibility for my wife cheating on me? She tells him not to misunderstand. I am only saying that you are like a kid. When will you grow up? He tells her that Pooja also used to ask him the say questions. She could have told me if she fell in love with someone else. What was the need to cheat me? My heart would have been broken into thousand pieces but why did she had to cheat me? He lies down. Zoya sits down as well.

Precap: Rajvir clicks Zoya and Aditya’s photos as Zoya helps him get down from the window. They spent the night together. I am on the right track. Later, Aditya tells Zoya that he saw Rajvir downstairs when he left from her home. Mr. Virani was not giving us the contract but Rajvir made him agree. She wonders why he would do so. Aditya vows to find out what Rajvir is up.

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