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Aditya agrees with the RJ. I will eat ice cream with Arjun, play games and I will be happy. He knocks at his brother’s door and finds the room empty. Does he work as a night watchman? He starts eating ice cream while waiting for his brother. He decides to call Mahi to know how she is. It wont be right to call her at this hour which is why I should call! I will get some reaction.

Zoya picks the landline. She is shocked to hear his Aditya’s voice. Aren’t you ashamed to call someone at this hour? He says I just called to check on Mahi. Zoya tells him that her family is there to check on her. You don’t need to call at this hour ever again. She ends the call. Mahi is touched to know that Adi called to know about her health. Zoya is sure he did so just to trouble her. He is a fool! Take rest.

Mahi recalls the fight. She picks the landline phone.

Arjun meets his colleagues at station. They are so happy to see him. His friends praise him. We are thinking to give you another slot. Arjun declines. it is AJ who is popular. They want him to become popular but Arjun is afraid of his father. I am happy with this much attention. Archana tells him that she has done his work. You can say thank you. They all talk happily amongst themselves.

Next morning, Aditya smiles seeing his brother sleeping peacefully. He is smiling in his sleep. He too might have heard Radio at night. He shouts “Chote” in his ears. Arjun sits up with a start. Who wakes someone like that? I almost had a heart attack. Arjun notices that he is in good mood. Aditya replies that he is following the advice of an intelligent person – follow your happiness. For that you must get ready and drop me to office! Arjun denies but Aditya threatens to shout in his ears again. Aditya heads to his room. Arjun thinks it is your brother only who can do anything to see you happy.

Mahi happily greets Aditya as soon as she enters the office. He replies coldly at first but then walks up to her. I called you last night. Did you get the message? Zoya asks Mahi to come. Aditya asks Mahi about her health. Mahi replies to him and then goes with Zoya.

Akansha tells Zoya that they finally got a project. It is good but we can make it large. It is a ribbon cutting ceremony of a shop. They need someone for that. You can check the prices. Zoya finds Mahi staring continuously at Aditya and smiling. Mahi gets a call and goes aside to attend it. Zoya notices Aditya speaking to someone on his phone. They both go in the same direction while talking. Zoya thinks to check on Aditya but Shawn asks for some suggestions.

A small kid (rag picker) is in the area where accident cars are kept. He gets inside a car and finds a card there.

Arjun gives Aditya his wallet. I took everything out. Aditya knows he can never do this. I will change my name the day you do so. Arjun asks him for salary as he is making him work so much. Aditya teases him. I thought you work at day. Last night I found out that you work at night also. Do you still need more money? Is this not enough? Arjun gets tensed but Aditya makes a joke out of it. Arjun notices Mahi speaking to someone. He tells Aditya about it. They appear to be goons. Aditya says they might be her friends after all. She too is a goon! Arjun leaves. Aditya stops and looks at Mahi carefully.

Noor comes to cafe. I have to wake up early morning, come here and pretend to work because of my lie. I know I don’t think of Allah often but it does not mean he wont help me. She hears Radio playing in the background. RJ AJ’s message is being played for his intern. She would be supposed to help me on an important issue about love. If you are sensitive and caring and know about love the mail me your CV. Noor shouts in excitement. This job is mine! I am coming RJ AJ. She thanks Allah for helping her so quickly. He must be handsome as well as his voice is so good. Let’s go.

Mahi asks Birju why she should pay him when he dint come here. Birju says we told you already we don’t do it but you forced us to do it. Mahi refuses to pay the money. Aditya claps for them. Birju leaves. Superb! So this was your plan. Zoya steps out of the office and finds them talking. Aditya says it was a fake plan right. I knew that you think really low but I couldn’t think that it would be so low. Aren’t you ashamed of what you did being a girl yourself? Whatever happened last night! He holds Mahi by her arm angrily. Aditya cuts him mid sentence. It wont happen again! Zoya sends Mahi inside. Aditya tells Zoya to say it. Irshaad! I am waiting for your reaction since so long. Say it.

Zoya asks him why she should react on his childishness. Who are you to me? Friend, enemy or family? Who gave you the right to interfere in my family matters again and again? I am a medium to save you from getting bored. I think you saved me for the same reason. I am just your source of entertainment and you do all this with me for that reason only. It was okay till the time it concerned only me but I wont bear it if you will drag Mahi in it. I am not your entertainment program which you can switch on and off as per your mood! I wont let you do anything to Mahi. Why do you force me to become what I am not? Why do you force me to be rude? I don’t even speak to anyone in higher tones but you make me do it! Why do you do so? He repeats her words for her. We may want it or not but our destinies are joined for some reason. Take it as good or bad luck but you are stuck with me. This is a fact! He turns to go but she holds his hand. He stares at her pointedly. She says it is my bad luck that we are stuck with each other because of our partners. She corrects herself. Because of our destinies! It might be because of the karmas of our past birth. I am not at all interested to see your face. I am forced to be here in the same office as you as I am concerned about my employees. You wouldn’t understand it as you cannot think about someone else apart from you? He tells her to remind herself by hitting herself on her head. You will actually remember who never thinks about others! She thanks him for his favour. We will be go separate ways from here on. I request you to stay away from Mahi and me. She goes inside. Aditya smiles. Reverse psychology would have been better. I will have to come close as you told me to stay away from you!

Harsh comes to Aditya’s room but does not find him there. Someone has to come here daily to wake him up but he is already gone today! Anjana smiles at him. He goes to office daily nowadays. No one needs to wake my son. Harsh is surprised. The office which can be locked at any point of time? This boy is crazy. I told him to become a lawyer and join our company but he wanted to be a pilot! He got grounded and is now arranging weddings and birthday parties for others! Anjana is happy to see him occupied but Harsh is not happy with the fact that Zoya is in the same office. He wont be able to forget his past till she is around him. Pooja’s scandal will also continue. She points out that they cannot stop Aditya if he has decided anything. I am atleast happy to see a routine in his life. Harsh says I know how to handle him and I will. Anjana looks at him worriedly.

Mahi paces worriedly. Don’t know what Aditya will say to Zoya. My game is up. He wont spare me! Aditya comes there just then. She panics seeing him coming towards her only. I can explain Adi. I can explain everything. She takes him upstairs and stumbles. Mahi falls on him. Aditya tells her to calm down first. She begins to talk about Birju when Aditya calls her careless and irresponsible. You do wrong things all the time and expect someone to help you in the end. It is okay though. I will help you as I know you aren’t as bad as you seem to be. I know that life, situations and relations forced you to do this. He turns while talking and looks upset. It is easier to be bad when your heart is broken. I know you are more afraid that someone might snatch your right again and break your heart. Am I right? I know that you have a good heard. You can tell me. Do you still have a heart? Do you want to be saved and become better? You want me to save you? Shall I save you? She nods. He keeps his hand son her shoulders. Get ready to be upgraded to a new version. Trust me. Entire world will like this version very much. He extends his hand towards her. She happily accepts it. Aditya thinks Mahi is Zoya’s biggest weakness. I will make her my biggest strength now. Zoya told me to keep distance from her but now she only will come close!

Precap: Bank seals Zosh. Bank rep tells everyone that Yash Arora took a loan of 1 crore from our bank. Zoya asks Aditya why he saves her if he has to torture her in the end. He replies that he was saving himself actually. When destinies slapped us both and have brought us together then why should I suffer alone then?

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