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Zoya looks at Aditya and hides behind him. They start fighting. Aditya beats the goons. He saves Mahi from getting hurt and asks her if she is fine. She nods. She shouts his name as she notices a guy hitting Aditya from behind. Aditya calls him cheater. Attack from the front if you can! He beats them. Aditya saves Mahi yet again. Birju’s men look on from a distance. All the guys hold him all of a sudden but he proves out to be stronger. Birju’s men flee from the scene and so does the bikers. Mahi hugs Aditya. Aditya tells her that they left but she hugs him tighter. He tells her to relax. Everything is fine. Zoya asks Mahi if she is fine. Mahi looks at Aditya with love as Zoya checks her wounds. Aditya blows on his wound. Zoya begins to walk away with Mahi when Aditya says normally girls thank the guy who saves their life. Mahi thanks him. Don’t know what would have happened if you weren’t here today. Zoya also thanks him and leaves with Mahi. Aditya thinks Zoya worries so much for Mahi. Zoya cares for wrong people always. Good news is that Zoya has been found. He smiles.

Mahi’s mother complains that no one thinks of her. You both have grown up yet you don’t know that no one walks on the secluded path at this hour. Mahi thinks of how Aditya saved them today. Her mother keeps talking in concern but Mahi is too lost in her world. Zoya assures her MIL that they will take care next time. Mahi starts waking in trance as the fight scene keeps flashing before her eyes. Zoya asks her what she is doing. Mahi smiles and goes. Zoya and her MIL look on puzzled.

Aditya comes home and finds everyone having dinner together. Anjana offers to send his dinner to his room but he surprises them by joining them on dinner table. Sakshi asks him about his wound. Did you have a fight? Aditya says you should have seen their condition. This is fine. Anjana stops her husband from reacting. She asks Aditya if he got hurt. Aditya asks her if she still worries for him. You know I am an expert. I feel so light today. I am really hungry. Sakshi is puzzled at the smile on his face. Aditya asks about Arjun. Harsh sarcastically replies that most of the people prefer to work in offices rather than fight on the roads. They have meetings to attend as well. Aditya says thank God that some people work or I wouldn’t have got these delicious parathas. Sakshi and Anjana hide a smile while Harsh looks irked. He keeps talking happily to them.

Zoya opens her cupboard and the divorce papers fall down. She keeps it back without reacting much and calls out to Noor. Hearing no response, she calls Noor immediately but it is unreachable.

Noor is trying to find an auto for herself but in vain. She is upset that she is facing rejections from everywhere. Appi also dint call me once to know where I am or how my interviews are going. She does not care at all! She takes out her phone. The Radio pamphlet falls in the process and she looks at it.

Inspector has called Wasim to know about Yash. Wasim clears that Yash was not his son-in-law. We shared no relations. We never spoke to each other. Inspector plays the audio for him. Is this your voice? Wasim smiles. It is indeed my voice. I called him as I was upset with him. I got to know something about his work. I found out that Yash and his company failed terribly. I gave him my daughter. I have a right to ask this much. Is this a crime? How does this recording prove that I am involved in Yash’s accident? Inspector says that’s why I called you. Wasim says I am not a fool to do so. I am from a very famous family. Will I stoop to this level? Inspector speaks of proof. Wasim relates that he spent his entire day in office on that day. You can check the CCTV forage if you want. Inspector agrees. wasim takes his leave.

Sakshi comes with a cup of coffee and finds Aditya in a good mood. Sakshi begins to talk about divorce papers but he is not interested. She reasons that Pooja might have had a change of heart. He replies that it does not mean that she did not cheat me. Should I be happy just because she changed her mind? She wins in both the cases? She drops the topic seeing him getting upset and leaves.

Aditya notices the ring that has fallen from his jacket pocket. He remembers Zoya’s words. Past memories flash before his eyes as he picks it. I have so many questions but there is no one who can answer. What happened; why and when? I want to forget everything and move on but it keeps coming back!

Zoya finally manages to get connected to Noor. Please pick my phone once. The day is bad. Hope Noor is in no trouble. She turns towards the door and finds Noor there. She hugs her in relief. You could have messaged me once. Where were you? Noor apologizes to her. You don’t have to worry about me so much. You dint call me even once to know where I am. You don’t care about me. Zoya says it isn’t so. Do you know what happened with Mahi and me today? Noor tells her she does not want to hear any of it. You always talk either about Mahi or Aditya. You don’t care about me. Zoya tries to pull her with her to listen to the radio but Noor suggests hearing it on her phone. She walks out of the room.

Aditya, Zoya and Noor sit down to listen to the radio. Radio AJ (as on the pamphlet) starts the show. He asks if they feel as if the pain is never ending. You feel as if everything is going wrong only with you in this world! Those you love most disappoint you the most! We see the best in them after all. We keep thousands of expectations from them. Disappointments are also high when they don’t meet our expectations. Call me if you are going through something similar. Noor decides to call RJ AJ as Appi isn’t talking to her. RJ AJ is none other than Arjun. Aditya gets connected. Noor wonders why the numbers of radio stations are always busy. Aditya keeps mum while Arjun keeps saying Hello. He ends up saying Bhai thinking it to be Aditya. He covers up saying Bhaisahab. Tell me what I can do for you. Aditya says I had a best friend. She was my childhood love, my best friend, my wife but she left me for forever. She has broken me badly before going. There are so many questions and no answers. I cannot figure out what was real. Arjun says sometimes with our decisions we hurt those who we love the most. People make mistakes. Why do we expect them to be Gods? You will learn to understand when you will try to think of the reason behind it. There are 2 sides of a story always. I know it is easy to say but time heals everything. We keep wondering what happened and why with us but it is our pain that keeps us alive. You will only end up hurting yourself this way. Life does not stop this way. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It might happen someday of your life. You will have to leave your pain and hatred behind one day and move on or your present and future will be destroyed in your hatred. You should also think of your friend’s opinion. What prompted your such good friend to leave you? Think about yourself instead of your friend and you will be happy. You will also get such lover one day for sure. He repeats Pooja’s words – whose smallest thing will affect you; whose smile brings smile on your face and you can bring any happiness for her if you find her sad. Leave behind your pain and anger. It will only make way for happiness. He plays a special song for Aditya. Arjun cries after the call. I hope I could help you as a stranger Bhai.

Aditya, Zoya and Noor wipe their tears. Noor comes and hugs her sister. They both apologize to each other. They sit down to have cold drinks.

Precap: Aditya scolds Mahi for what happened last night. Zoya tells him it will never happen again. Stay away from me and Mahi. Aditya tells Mahi to get ready to be upgraded. Your new version will surely be liked by the world. She happily shakes hand with him.

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