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Noor and Zoya are on the way to airport. Aditya words echo in Zoya’s head. Noor asks her sister what Aditya was saying. Zoya dismisses it. The car breaks down. Driver advises them to hire another taxi. Noor says I don’t think this city will let you go away so easily. Zoya suggests her to book another taxi. Noor agrees. Zoya drops her bag as she collides with the driver when she steps out of the cab. Mona’s necklace breaks in the process. She thinks of Aditya talking about to firing every staff member. She shakes her head.

Aditya calls Arjun and ask him to come to office asap. I cannot bear this office for another day. Arjun asks him what happened. Driver asks Aditya to board another cab but Aditya tells him to drive. He asks Arjun to prepare bankruptcy documents. Arjun asks him if Zoya also wants the same. Aditya says don’t even take her name. Arjun says this is what you always wanted. Why are you shouting at strangers then? Aditya ends the call. He remarks that he was to get rid of this anger. I don’t know why I am feeling angry and on whom.

Mahi calls her mother and gives her the good news. Now everything is ours. Let Aditya declare the company bankrupt and then we will be happy. Mahi says Zoya has not signed power of attorney but she is going to Mussorie. We will show her the divorce papers when she will try to get hold of it. The only option is to declare bankruptcy. Mahi’s mother disconnects the call while Mahi is still talking.

One Constable finds a phone in the garbage and hands it over to his Senior. He asks him to inform Cyber Team. I need the data asap. Constable nods.

Mahi tells everyone to believe it that Zoya has gone for forever. Aditya comes in just then. Akansha asks him if Zoya indeed left. Mahi insists her Bhabhi left. We have to face it someday. We might have to even sell this company soon. She left the sinking ship as soon as she got a chance. Mithilesh ji asks Aditya why he dint try to stop Zoya. Arjun walks in with the documents. Mahi is happy to see them. You already started the process. Arjun wonders if Bhai has to actually do it or not. He made me do all this in so much haste and is glaring at me now. Mithilesh ji asks Mahi about the papers. Zoya walks in just then surprising everyone except Mahi. Aditya feigns to be upset. Mithilesh ji asks Zoya to check the papers. Aditya Sir got them just now. Zoya reads them. This is nothing. She returns them to Arjun. I am the co-owner of company and I am not declaring bankruptcy. Aditya pretends to be upset with her whenever she looks in his direction. Zoya says I promised to bring this company to the top. How can I break my promise then? This company will one day become the biggest event management of the city. We will do it together. Everyone claps for her and goes back to their workstations. Mahi pulls her hair angrily.

Zoya tells Aditya this isn’t needed. Mahi fumes. He asks Zoya what happened. Did they not let you board the flight or you had a fight with airhostess? She walks away without saying a word. Aditya smiles. Mahi asks him why he is smiling. It was your plan to file for bankruptcy then why are you happy? Aditya says sorry to Arjun for calling him from so far early morning. Let me make it up. Will you have cake? Arjun is surprised to see the change in his behaviour. You dint wish to sell the company right? You wanted Zoya to come back right? Aditya says I can declare the company bankrupt anytime but she has become a part of my life now. Life seems boring without her. Arjun smiles. Today Zoya and Bhai are back.

Zoya calls Noor. I want to you that I am in office. I will meet you at home in evening. There is something that needs to be done. Noor asks her why she is trying to save Yash’s company after knowing his truth. Zoya says Yash did start it but the people who work here deserve help more. I wanted to save this company for the guy who cheated me. How can I leave those alone who only trusted me? this is wrong. Noor calls her thinking wrong as she only thinks about herself. Zoya denies. I always thought about myself, my life, my Yash but not anymore. Noor tells her to do as she likes. They end the call. Noor isn’t convinced by her sister’s words.

Both Aditya and Zoya pull the door at the same time in different directions. She lets go of it without any argument or reaction. Aditya is puzzled to see her thus. What kind of flat reaction is this? She did not react in any manner.

Zoya is looking for the staff members and calls out to everyone. They welcome her back with confetti and welcome back cards. Aditya waits to see her smile but she shows none. Aditya keeps looking at her. Shawn suggests Zoya to contact their old clients. Vinod also speaks of some projects and vendors. Mithilesh ji shares that they have decided not to take salary till the time the company is back in shape. Mona adds that they were upset to know she wasn’t coming back ever but we are really happy now. Zoya apologises to them. I got so lost in my emotions; I became so selfish that I couldn’t see anything beyond myself and my pain. She gets emotional which concerns everyone including Aditya. Zoya assures everyone she is fine. I wont return to Mussorie now. She asks Shawn to bring the list of vendors. Aditya cannot figure out how Zoya became so flat, dead. She isn’t reacting at all.

Mahi asks lawyer if he is sure they cannot challenge Zoya legally. Yash Bhaiya divorced her. lawyer explains that it is only signed by Yash. It did not reach Zoya. Mahi still wants some way out. Lawyer suggests that it can happen only when Zoya hands over the power of attorney to her on her own. Mahi is upset. I was getting happy for no reason that I will not have to pretend to be a nice person. What is about Zoya? Her luck is so good. She came back! Why is she hovering over my life? I must do something so she forgets to fly ever again! it is time to give her a super strong Mahi dose.

Zoya asks Shawn to contact them asap. Company is already in loss and we have to return Aditya Hooda his 5 crores. Aditya takes his iPad from them lying that he wants to play games. Zoya asks Shawn to mail the list to her. Aditya is amazed at her patience. It was such a cold reaction! It wont work.

Mahi reaches some place. The guy tells her that the people of that place are not good. Are you thinking of joining politics that you need goons? She gives him some lame logic and promises him his name wont come out. He tells her to contact Birju there. She asks a guy about Birju. Everyone stops to stare at her.

Aditya is following / monitoring Zoya’s every move and reaction carefully. He intentionally spills water on her to draw a reaction but she does not even flinch. He asks her if she can turn around carefully. She says sorry to him and walks away. Aditya looks on.

Birju tells Mahi they don’t do any such things. You have been misguided. She shows a bundle of money. You have to scare someone to the extent that she hates the city and leaves it for once and for all. They are not sure but she offers to pay double money.

Aditya cannot understand why Zoya is not reacting to anything. He gets Arjun’s call for lunch. Aditya’s attention is diverted. Arjun says I feel as if I am talking but you are just ignoring it. Aditya keeps repeating whatever Arjun says. Aditya tells him he is talking about Zoya. Arjun asks him to come downstairs. I am hungry. Are we going for lunch or not? Aditya says sorry to him. Did we have a plan for lunch? Arjun is about to end the call but Aditya asks him to send the number of pizza delivery guy. Arjun cannot understand why her brother is only talking about Zoya now.

Mahi comes home to take some money. She steals it from her mother’s drawers. Mahi’s mother comes just then. Did you find the papers? Why were you looking in my phone? Mahi lies about being not able to find her charger. Mahi’s mother is confused at her reactions. Mahi is talking to Birju when she steps out of the house. I will pay you in evening.

Akansha excitedly calls everyone for pizza lunch. Aditya ordered it. Zoya continues working. Aditya points out that this is a group lunch. If someone thinks that he / she is not a part of this group then he / she should not come. He tells Zoya they are talking to her. We are doing Team Building. If you care about the team and think yourself to be a part of this team then you got to eat. Everyone agrees. Akansha tells Aditya he is always correct. He adds that he is also charming and sweet. She nods sweetly. Aditya looks at Zoya. She joins the team. Aditya is not happy with Zoya’s second version. Aditya says she seems so lifeless. She has no friends, no complaints with anyone! How will she survive like this? It is because of that cheater husband! I wont let her become lifeless!

Precap: Zoya and Mahi are surrounded by the goons. One goon is about to touch Zoya but Aditya holds his hand and hits him. Zoya stands behind him.

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