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Sakshi says sorry to Aditya. I am the reason of the pain that you felt on your birthday; for which you scolded Zoya so much and she had to go through so much pain. Aditya denies. I know you wouldn’t have done it intentionally. I know you can never hurt me intentionally. You are the only one who has been honest with me; always supports me. I know you would never hurt me intentionally. He looks at Zoya.

Noor tries to feed Zoya but she refuses to eat anything. Staff members come to meet Zoya. Aditya Sir told us that you are not well so we came to meet you. Aditya also comes in. Zoya looks away. Everyone has brought something for Zoya. Noor offers to feed it to Zoya who again denies. I don’t want anything. Aditya asks her if she fell in love with hospital’s khichdi. Khichdi and pickle is my favourite combination. He tries to tempt Zoya for the food and fruits but she does not even look at him. Another intern asks Zoya when she will rejoin the office. We are missing you a lot. Mithilesh ji says the same to her. Zoya thanks them for coming. I am very much tired. I would like to rest for a while. Everyone leaves after telling her to get well soon. Mona gives Zoya a bracelet that she has brought for her. Zoya hugs her emotionally. Aditya looks on. Zoya wipes her tears and thanks her for the bracelet. Mona tells Aditya that don’t know what happened to Zoya. She wasn’t like this even after Yash Sir’s death. She looks so lifeless. She goes. Noor is not happy with the way Zoya met the staff. Zoya asks her if she will do something for her. Noor asks her about it.

Aditya overhears Senior Inspector talking about the partners of Zosh Company. Everyone is dying one after another. Zoya ji got saved. Aditya asks him what he means. Senior Inspector says we found that Zoya attempted suicide. Aditya denies. It was an accident. Senior Inspector explains that situation to him. 2 people lived out of 4. One of the remaining 2 tried to kill herself and landed at the hospital. Only one person is left now. He was the one who was going to receive the entire amount. You are Pilot. Your maths will be good. Who will be benefitted the most then? He ends up taking Aditya’s name. Aditya applauds his story. You are forgetting whose son I am. Even the servants know that you do not get money in suicide case. Before you leave, find out who admitted Zoya in the hospital.

Arjun thinks to meet Aditya once on his way to office. No one has seen him since past 2 days. I will even check on Zoya. I hope she is feeling better. He imagines Noor there. He wonders why he is imagining her amidst all of this. I have gone mad. Don’t know what she has done to me.

Arjun is surprised to see Harsh leaving from his room. He finds a drawer open and notices Pooja’s diary underneath one diary. He is shocked to see it. It went missing. How did it appear suddenly? He notices that some pages are torn. He is sure Dad tore the pages which had info about Yash and Pooja Bhabhi. What was in it that Dad had to tear them?

Noor has brought Zoya’s clothes. Zoya asks her to call someone.

In Mussorie, Police Inspector gets a call and a few guys walk inside holding packets of garbage. CBI got the pond where Yash and Pooja’s car fell, cleaned out and got this for us to find a clue in it.

Arjun has come to meet Zoya at the hospital. Noor is not happy with her sister’s decision. This is not a solution. It only increases problem for both of us. Arjun and Noor walk towards each other but their paths are blocked by a few guys celebrating the birth of a girl. Arjun smiles seeing Noor. She walks away before he can go up to her. Why do I feel she was right here? I should focus on meeting Bhai and Zoya.

Noor goes inside Zoya’s ward. Arjun is also about to enter but the nurse tells him he cannot go inside now. Visiting hours are over. Arjun requests her but in vain.

Vinod and team are discussing the fate of Zosh Company and Aditya’s birthday party. People are talking how we will manage things. Mithilesh ji talks positively. Aditya comes there. Mithilesh ji asks him to sign the cheques of the vendors. Aditya advises him to get them cross checked with Zoya first. I will sign them then. Mahi explains that it will take a lot of time for the documents to reach her. Aditya points out that he will send someone from the hospital to Bandra and she will simply check them. Mahi shares that Zoya has decided to leave for Mussorie right away. She will leave for the airport directly from the hospital the moment she is discharged. Aditya thinks of all their meetings and runs towards hospital. Mahi is shocked to see his reaction. She next tells the team that she will handle the company in Zoya’s place from now onwards. They are taken aback.

Zoya remembers her first day in Mumbai when she had met Aditya. Noor asks her if she is sure she wants to leave Mumbai altogether. Your luggage is still at home. Check if you have left behind something important. Zoya replies that she does not have anything here that can be left behind. Aditya reaches there just then and holds the end of her dupatta. She begins to walk away seeing him drink water. He tells her to atleast let him regain his breath. I was not able to pass time in office today so I came here. She requests him to let her go without any fuss. He says you are serious about going to Mussorie then. What about all the promises that you made about saving Zosh and the staff? That must have been a lie! I understand it now that it wasn’t about company. You lied to everyone, shareholders, investors and every employee. You fooled them. You only wanted to prove your cheater husband innocent. You don’t care about the company and its staff. This company might have belonged to anyone in the past but it is yours now. The staff members who came to meet you believe in you but how does it matter to you? Shareholders, investors, employees might come on road but you don’t mind, right? Your interns look up to you. You are an example for them. What are you teaching them? You are telling them to run from the problems. She asks him to leave her alone. He replies that he is anyways not coming to Mussorie with her. I should instead sell the company. I will first fire the employees and then sell the company so I don’t have to pay compensation to anyone. I will first fire Mithilesh ji as he is old. Vinod is experienced. He will find work. I will then take care of Shawn, Mona and Akansha. She asks him why he will fire them. He tells her to enjoy at Mussorie.

Aditya says I know everything has changed for you. I know what it is when your faith breaks but you are doing wrong with yourself. Will you still not give yourself some importance? It is wrong! What your cheater husband did to you is wrong! But what you are doing after finding the divorce papers from your cheater husband is wrong! It is a sin! He awaits her reaction but she does not react at all. Aditya asks Zoya why she is leaving. Do you want your parents to die after seeing you? They will only die after seeing you like this! You have committed suicide once and will you jump from a cold mountain there now? You should jump from a mountain. I cannot come everywhere to save you. But remember that you wont die. Your bones will break but you wont die! It is because my cheater wife and your cheater husband are already up there. You will have to run from there too. Run! Noor asks Zoya to come. Zoya agrees and goes with her.

Precap: Aditya asks Arjun to prepare bankruptcy documents. Arjun asks him if Zoya also wants the same. Aditya tells him not to say so. Staff is disappointed to hear that Zoya has left. Mahi insists. I will handle things now. I think the way we are going we will be bankrupt soon. Arjun gives hands over the papers to Aditya. Mahi is happy to see them. You already started the process. Zoya walks in just then shocking Mahi. She tells everyone that she will fulfil the promise she had made to them. Aditya smiles.

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