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Zoya looks at Yash’s stuff and adorns a dupatta over her head. How am I looking? I look Mrs. Zoya Yash Arora right? She thinks of the next morning after her wedding. Yash wishes her morning. She tells him that she feels as if she got all the happiness of the world. She goes sad thinking that her families were also a part of this. It would have been followed by so much pomp, show and frolic. This was such a silent wedding. He supports such weddings. You should save your money for your future. What else do you need when Government said yes? She picks up a mangalsutra. He is surprised. She tells him that it is the symbol of the victory of their love. Will you make me wear it? He nods and makes her wear it. How does it look? She tells him that she now looks Mrs. Zoya Yash Arora! Flashback ends.

Zoya removes the dupatta. She picks up the same clothes, her mangalsutra and divorce papers. Lie! Every promise was a lie! I was the one who loved you whereas you only cheated me!

Mahi’s mother asks Mahi if she knew Zoya was standing right behind her. Why did you hurt her intentionally? Mahi replies that she did it for their welfare only. Zoya isn’t as innocent as she appears. Arjun told me everything on the call. She created a big drama at Hooda House. You don’t have to worry so much about her.

Noor paces worriedly. Shall I tell Ammi everything? She decides against it as it will only upset her sister all the more. I should be with her. She needs me.

Harsh says I hid the death scandal with so much difficulty. We will be left for no good if this comes out. Who will believe that Pooja dint sign the papers? Everyone will gossip that Pooja did sign the papers and wanted to divorce Aditya. Our family will become the prime focus of gossip in every get together from here on. I think every day that maybe today things will turn better but things are just worsening. I was trying to cover things up with so much difficulty but this girl Zoya comes out of nowhere every time and says everything before people! She first arranged birthday party and then walked in the house with divorce papers! Why do such girls come in Aditya’s life? Anjana asks him if he is hinting at Aditya’s life partner Pooja followed by his business partner Zoya. He is just like me. He always trusts the wrong people. We have to go through so much because of him! Sakshi leaves from there feeling hurt. Harsh tells Anjana that she took out her anger on someone else. Anjana says the same for him. Do you know what I feel bad about Sakshi? Aditya loves Sakshi just as much as he used to before, even after going through so much. When he still punishes me for your mistake then why isn’t he punishing Sakshi for what Pooja did? This is injustice right?

Aditya is dancing in the pub. A girl notices him and dances with him. She dances seductively with him. Aditya says sorry and turns to go but she shares her introduction. He tells her he isn’t interested. She asks him if he came with someone. He denies. I don’t even want to be with anyone too which is why I am leaving. She asks him if he is married and is fulfilling his wife of loyalty. He replies that there is no wife and no such promise. She holds him closer. Let’s have some fun then.

Noor requests Mahi’s mother to do something. Appi isn’t opening the door. Mahi tells her not to trouble her poor mom. She isn’t an action hero who will break open the door. give your sister some space. She might need some alone time. Mahi’s mother is worried that Zoya might take a wrong step. Mahi is sure it wont happen. Your sister is acting like such a kid. We are also worried about the divorce papers but we are not creating a scene. We are handling things our way. Noor says I can understand from your tone that you are in fact happy at the situation. You don’t care if my sister lives or dies. Don’t say anything. Amazing thing is that my simple sister thinks you are indeed helping her. Understand that I am with her now. No one can harm her till the time I am with her. Mahi tells her not to aggravate the matter. I like to be alone when I am sad so I thought the same about Zoya. You should actually scold Aditya Hooda. She just met him and is upset. There is no other reason.

Aditya and Anna sit closely on a sofa. His phone begins to ring. He picks it on the second ring. Noor has called him from Mahi’s number. She tells him that she knows her sister met him. She is not talking or looking at anyone since she is back. She has even locked herself in her room since then! I wont leave you if anything happens to her. What do you think? You think you can say anything to my sister just because she is a simple girl? Noor Siddiqui isn’t like her. Don’t take me lightly. Aditya runs out saying he wont let anything happen this time.

Zoya is standing under the shower. She thinks of her romantic moments with Yash and of her father’s and Aditya’s words. She cries recalling all the incidents where she only believed Yash over everyone else. The divorce papers flash before her eyes. She is holding a knife in her one hand and extends the other one. Aditya’s taunts haunt her. She mentally apologizes to her father. I couldn’t become your good daughter ever. I don’t deserve to be called your daughter. See where my love for you (Yash) has brought me. Maybe this is the result of loving someone immensely. Everything echoes in her mind. Zoya ends up slitting her wrist. Drops of blood begin to fall on the floor. She drops the knife and falls on the floor. Aditya’s words ring in her mind. She struggles to say something.

Aditya bangs at the door. Noor begins to scold him for coming here unannounced and drunk. Aren’t you satisfied by hurting her that you came back? He keeps shouting Zoya’s name repeatedly. Noor asks him what he did that her Appi isn’t opening the door. Aditya says nothing like that will happen. She is an attention seeker. She cries in a corner and wants us to care for her. He heads to her room and bangs at the door shouting at Zoya to open the door. Mahi whispers that Superman will break open the door and they will find Zoya crying in a corner. Her mother tells her to keep quiet if she cannot say anything nice. They manage to get inside. Mahi wonders if she jumped out of the window again like last time. Aditya tells her to shut up. Noor knocks at the washroom door. Aditya warns Zoya to open the door or he will break it open. He breaks open the door and finds Zoya lying in a pool of blood. Noor, Mahi and her mother look on stunned. Aditya ties his kerchief around Zoya’s wrist, lifts her in his arms and rushes out.

Noor and Aditya are sitting on either sides of Zoya. Aditya keeps telling driver to drive fast. He reassures himself that nothing will happen to Zoya.

Mahi’s mother asks Mahi to get the car. Mahi comes down changing her clothes. What will people think if I go out wear home clothes? Anyone can walk up anytime. Her mother asks her what if something happens to Zoya. How can you be so heartless? Mahi straight away tells her that she does not care.

Aditya tells Nurse to admit Zoya. I will do paperwork later. She points out that this is police case. Let us follow the procedures. Noor checks Zoya’s breath and it is very feeble. She tells it to Aditya. He grabs hold of the ward boy. If anything happens to her then I come from a family when I can close down your hospital. I will kill you before that. Doc comes there and lets Zoya in the ICU.

Mahi and her mother reach just then. She asks about Zoya. Noor is clueless. She asks a nurse if her sister will get well. Nurse gives her reassurances. Mahi murmurs that nothing will happen to her. I am not so lucky that she will die. Aditya holds her hand and pulls her out with him.

Mahi frees her hand. Have you lost it? Why are you doing so much drama? Who is she to you? He says nothing but she is your Bhabhi. I ignored your back biting and everything but not anymore. What has she done to you that you always speak negatively about her? She hasn’t harmed anyone. I will tell her your truth if you wont change for good. Your game will be up then. She asks him why he loses his mind whenever Zoya falls in any trouble. I don’t really understand you. He tells her that she wont understand it as she is more bitter than him. You might have your own reason but you wont be able to live with so much bitterness in your heart. He goes.

Doc tells Aditya that they cannot say anything about the patient yet. We will be able to tell you something only in the morning. Noor cries. Aditya recalls all his meetings with Zoya. He peeks inside the ICU. He tells Zoya not to do so. Don’t die. You are losing your life for a guy who did not care for you? Don’t do this to yourself. He is in tears.

Precap: Zoya holds Aditya’s hand as he gets up. She thanks him for saving her. Aditya says thank you to her for saving him as well. Sakshi meets Zoya. I am Pooja’s mother. your life is in this trouble because of my daughter. I apologize to you on her behalf.

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