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Zoya breaks down and looks at the divorce papers. A tear streams down her cheek as she looks at the papers made by Pooja. Yash signed the papers but Pooja dint sign them. Aditya stops in his tracks stunned. She hands over the papers to him. He looks at the empty signature space as Zoya looks at Yash’s signature on her divorce papers. She stands up in shock and walks out of the house in a trance.

Aditya remembers the time spent with Pooja. Harsh is about to say something to him but Aditya goes inside without a word.

Sakshi meets Zoya on her way out. She calls out after her but Zoya walks away absentmindedly. She is the same girl who I met in the orphanage. What is she doing here and in this condition? She notices the looks on everyone’s faces and asks Anjana what happened. Harsh heads upstairs. Anjana says your daughter is giving my son pain even after dying. First she cheated him. It wasn’t enough so she wanted to divorce my son! Arjun reasons that they do not know how true it is. Bhabhi did not sign them. Don’t talk like Adi Bhai. Sakshi gets thinking. Arjun requests his mother not to aggravate the matter. Don’t take out your anger on Sakshi Aunty at least. She does not deserve it. Sakshi goes.

Zoya’s words echo in Aditya’s head as he looks at the divorce papers. He recalls Pooja telling him that there is no person in the world who tells everyone everything. If he claims to do so then he is definitely lying. Sakshi pats at his shoulder. His eyes well up. She tells him to stop thinking negatively for a while. Pooja dint sign the papers which means she would not wish to leave you. She might have realised it that this can be the biggest mistake of her life. He refuses to keep any hope on Pooja or her love again. Yes, she did not sign the papers. Does it mean she did not cheat me? Arjun tells him he shouldn’t have spoken to Zoya like this. You broke all her hopes. Her life was based on that hope only. Aditya reasons that hope is a poison which takes life. I did the right thing. Her eyes will open now. Arjun asks him if he saw the way she looked when she stepped out of the house. He remembers the look on Zoya’s face and reprimands himself for the same. He rushes out of the house. Sakshi remembers meeting Zoya in the orphanage on Day 1 and that she gave her Pooja’s saree to wear. What did I do!

The weather turns bad. Zoya is walking on the road holding the divorce papers. She recalls her romantic moments with Yash.

Aditya stops an auto and asks the driver to keep driver. He wonders where Zoya would have gone. Let me find her once. I will tell her then.

Zoya hears Yash calling her name and turns. Yash says I wanted to tell you but I could not say it. She walks up to him and slaps him tight. She hits him and cries. Don’t take my name! You did not leave me for any good. You broke my love, my trust, my self-respect. That Aditya Hooda was right. I was mad to trust you! I thought my love was my strength but it turned out to be my weakness. You only said that you love me. You said the same thing when we met last. Why did you do this to me then? What did I lack? Was I not a good wife? What was so special about Pooja? You made a joke of me! I left the world, even my Abbu to be with you. I chose you as my world! Why did you choose someone else then? Why did you do this?

Aditya stops the auto and steps out immediately.

Zoya asks Yash what she should do now. It was a lie! All the gifts, everything was a lie! She removes the ring that he gave to her on their anniversary. This was also a lie! She throws it away. Aditya looks on as she breaks down. She warns Yash not to come in front of her ever again. Get out of my mind and soul! She heads in another direction. Aditya calls out her name and picks the ring. He suddenly realises something as he looks at the ring. It has Pooja written on the inside. It means it belongs to Pooja and Zoya thought it to be Yash’s love token? He is about to throw it when he remembers that Pooja had not signed the divorce papers. Why did Yash make this ring when Pooja dint sign the papers? It may be that he wants to propose Pooja but then why did he give it to Zoya? I don’t want so many questions. I will go mad Pooja. He stops himself from throwing the ring away and heads back.

Yash’s mom and Noor return home. Mahi is eating happily. Did you find Zoya? Yash’s mother denies. We even checked in the office. Noor suggests lodging a police report but Mahi reasons that they need to wait for 24 hours before filing such report. Let’s wait. Zoya will come home. Her mother seconds her.

Aditya comes to his room. He looks at the papers and then at the ring. I wont confuse myself anymore. I wont give myself any more false hopes. Why dint Pooja sign them though? What was she thinking? This is rubbish. I wont give any thought to it. What Pooja was thinking does not change what she had been doing! I wont confuse or torture myself anymore. I will be clear. Arjun asks him about Zoya. Is she fine? Aditya replies that she will have to handle herself this time. Arjun points out that her condition was already bad and he only rubbed salt to her wound. I hope you dropped her home safely. Aditya retorts that he is neither her father nor her husband to do so. Why should I think about her when they dint think about it? She is going through all of this because of me only right? Arjun tries to say something but Aditya closes the door on his face Aditya thinks of how hurt Zoya was. Don’t know what she would do to herself if she sees Pooja’s name on the ring. I think I should keep this with me for now. Pooja will stay for a little longer with me atleast this way.

Noor is about to go out when Mahi asks her where she is off to. Noor refuses to wait anymore. Someone may support her or not but I will go looking for her. Mahi tells her to go ahead. Noor leaves. Mahi’s mother asks Mahi to go with Noor. Both the sisters are new to this town. What if Noor gets lost too? Mahi says the phones have maps nowadays. She will be mad to get lost. Yash’s mother insists that they need help. How can you talk like that? Mahi asks her whose mother she is. Don’t bore me. Go please.

Aditya keeps the divorce papers and ring in a drawer and closes the cupboard. No confusion! He heaves a sigh of relief. I need a break. He takes out a pair of clothes.

Noor wonders where to look for her sister when Zoya enters. Noor rushes to her. Are you alright? Where were you? Say something. She holds her as Zoya stumbles in her step.

Arjun suggests Sakshi to find Zoya’s number. Let’s call to check if she has reached home safely. Sakshi says I feel bad for her. I saw her when she was leaving the house. Aditya is about to call Zoya when he thinks it is better that she comes out of her illusions herself. He walks out of the house.

Yash’s mother decides to call Aditya’s landline. Mahi says I agree that Bhaiya signed the papers. He isn’t here but it does not mean we will throw her out of the house. There is humanity after all (all acting). Yash’s mother asks Zoya if she is fine. Noor takes her sister inside. Arjun calls at the landline just then wanting to speak to Zoya. Yash’s mother gives the phone to Noor. Noor hears Zoya closing the door and runs upstairs. Mahi picks the phone. Arjun asks her about Zoya. He tells her Aditya and Zoya had a fight. Mahi asks him how it matters to them. One brother gives her pain and the other pretends to care for us. Stop acting to be nice. She disconnects the call. Arjun finds it rude but then tells Sakshi that she is fine.

Noor keeps banging at the door asking her sister to talk to her atleast. Zoya expresses her wish to spend some time alone. Noor goes from there sadly.

Aditya is dancing and drinking in a pub. The divorce papers and ring keep flashing before his eyes.

Zoya throws Yash’s stuff on the floor.

Aditya sits in a corner and gulps down shots.

Zoya thinks of her lovely moments with Yash. She thinks of how Pooja and Yash’s dead bodies were found holding hands. Aditya’s words haunt her. Zoya thinks I loved you immensely and you wanted to go away from me. You proved Aditya Hooda right. I can never forgive you Yash! She cries.

Precap: Aditya is dancing in the pub. Zoya slits her wrist. Aditya breaks open the door and takes Zoya to hospital. Zoya holds his hand as he gets up and thanks him for saving her.

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