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Zoya lets go of Yash’s body in shock. Aditya looks angry. Ward boys murmur that they first thought that it was a couple. They begin to gossip that Yash and Pooja were having an affair. Ward boy is sure he has seen them together before too. His friend says you must have seen them on lover’s point.

Aditya thinks of Pooja’s words. The voice of ward boys echo in his head as he steps back towards the edge of the cliff lost in thoughts. He looks back at the cliff when Zoya asks them why their hands are tied. Free them. She tries separating Yash and Pooja’s hands. Help me please. She loses her rings in the process and begins to look for it. Yash gave it to me. she notices Aditya standing quietly in a corner. It begins to rain. Zoya keeps wondering about her ring. Police takes the bodies in the
ambulance. Aditya steps aside and picks up Zoya’s ring. Zoya looks at him. They remember their first meeting. They are also advised to sit in the ambulance. Zoya snatches her ring out of Aditya’s hand.

Police check the crime scene and decide to investigate. They were married and cheating their spouses. Don’t know what happened.

Aditya and Zoya are seated next to Yash and Pooja’s dead bodies. Aditya and Zoya keep glancing at their joined hands. Aditya tears turn into anger. He suddenly asks the driver to stop.  Ishqbaaz Full Episode I have to get down. He steps down from the ambulance in the middle of the road, glances again at Yash and Pooja. Zoya makes the ward boys close the door. The ambulance drives away.

As they reach hospital, Zoya tries pulling Yash and Pooja’s hands apart but fails. Doc tells her it wont be eaay to separate them as the body has become stiff. She keeps trying but doc advises her against it. Ward boys take the bodies inside.

Zoya is shocked by Doctor’s words. How can they not separate the hands? She gets her SIL’s call. I am trying to contact him since morning. Did you put curfew on him that he cannot speak to us without your permission? Zoya keeps quiet. Her SIL tells her to hand over the phone to Yash. I want to talk to him. Zoya begins to cry and tells her about Yash’s accident. Mahi is shocked. What are you saying? Zoya drops the phone and runs inside while Mahi keeps shouting. A constable picks the phone. He informs her about 2 dead bodies that have come from Mussorie.

Zoya’s mother is trying to contact Zoya but isn’t getting any response. Something is wrong. Noor’s phone is also unreachable. The weather is changing too. Wasim does not reply. Zoya’s mother tries Yash’s number but it is switched off. She tells her husband she intends to invite Yash and Zoya over on their anniversary. Wasim replies that they have never celebrated it till date. She shares that she has been planning to do it since long but she is stuck between husband and daughter. Let’s start afresh and call Yash. Wasim tells her he wont pick the phone. She asks him what he means. He says he has never picked my phone till date. He wont pick it now too! Noor comes running and mumbles about Yash’s accident.

Aditya reaches hospital. Ward boy asks him to go inside. Zoya and Aditya almost collide while entering in the room. Doc says we need to do autopsy of both the bodies after which you can take it for last rites. He hands over their personal belongings to their respective spouses. Ishqbaaz Sad song plays in the background as they look at Yash and Pooja’s belongings. They think of the memories related to that stuff. Zoya cries hugging Yash’s specs and wallet while Aditya holds Pooja’s jewellery as tears stream down his face.

Ward boy asks Aditya if he is Justice Huda’s son. Aditya nods. Aditya’s family reaches hospital. Aditya’s mom extends her arms as she calls out to Aditya. Aditya’s mother feels bad. He walks towards her in a haze but walks past her instead towards Pooja’s mother. He shows Pooja’s stuff to her. Your daughter! Pooja’s mother leaves from there. Aditya asks his parents how he found out. His mother shares that their number was mentioned in the Ration card that pooja was carrying. He says they must have told about the accident. did they tell about the circumstance? She nods. He says it is good. I don’t have to say anything. His mother asks him if he is fine. Aditya says obviously I will be fine. I just found out that my wife was having an affair! I am obviously fine! Mr. Huda tells him to speak slowly. Our family is a prestigious family. People know us. I understand your pain but why speak about it in public like this. Aditya declines. you cannot even begin to understand my pain. Everyone is an expert in bringing personal things out in public. His mother tells him to calm down but Aditya says I am not like you. You were asking me or telling me to be alright like you are? My wife only cheated me. I should ignore it and move on. He turns to his father. You must have loved your DIL today. She has continued the family tradition and made you proud. Congratulations!

Mr. Huda tells his wife it is pointless to talk to Aditya. Doc calls Mr. Huda. Mr. Huda advises him to finish the formalities asap. We want to take our DIL to Mumbai asap. Media should not know about anything. Doc assures him about it. Mr. Huda promises him of a donation for his new cancer board. Doc smiles.

Siddiqui family reach hospital. Wasim is pained to see his daughter’s condition.

Pooja’s mother comes to the morgue. She cries looking at Pooja’s dead body and reminisces their old times together. Doc tells her she cannot stay here. Body has been kept here for autopsy. Aditya’s brother requests for sometime but Doc insists he needs to follow the orders. Pooja’s mother goes out.

Mr. Huda says no one should know about this affair in Mumbai. Say anything about the accident. His wife nods. I am listening and understanding that Aditya was right. People of this family are experienced to hide such matters. My son is in pain this time. I cannot bear it. He isn’t at fault. I cannot let him be in my place. I am living with this burden but not everyone can live like this. He walks away.

Zoya’s mother asks Zoya to drink some water. Noor cries watching them from far. Ward boy asks Zoya to sign on the form. Wasim too asks her to sign it. Zoya is reluctant to leave Yash alone. Zoya’s mother goes with ward boy.

Aditya’s brother advises Pooja’s mother to go to Aditya. He needs you after what happened. she replies that she does not know how she will face Aditya. You are his brother. You should go. He wants to wait for autopsy report to know what happened and why. Doc gives him autopsy reports but Mr. Huda snatches it. Is everything fine? Doc nods (lie). It was a normal accident. I have mentioned it on the report. You can take the body today itself. Aditya’s brother asks him how he can call his Bhabhi body. She was my relative. How did you do autopsy so soon? Mr. Huda tells him to keep his emotions in check. Mr. Huda does not let his son say anything further.

Wasim asks Zoya if after all this she still does not want to leave Yash. He was leaving you and going away. Truth wont change. He was cheating you! She requests him not to repeat his lie to make it appear like a truth. It is true that their hands were united but it does not mean Yash was cheating me. I know Yash. He cannot do this to me. He confessed his love to me in the morning only. He likes to help everyone. You know his nature. It might be that that woman took lift from him and held his hand in fear during accident. She begins to cook stories. Wasim walks away. Aditya claps hearing Zoya’s stories. Your husband was helping a woman which is why they were holding hands? I am that woman’s husband! Do you think I used to bear / torture her? Entire family has come to take her home. Her last rites will happen with all pomp. My younger brother knows everything about her but no one can dare to speak about her in front of him! She knew her husband since she was 12 years old. She was my childhood friend, my best friend! She told me she is going to Chennai for exhibition. Your husband would have lied too. Did he speak of an important meeting? Open your eyes and understand that our partners were cheating us! Your husband and my wife were enjoying! She tells him to be quiet. I don’t know how your wife was and I even don’t want to know. I know my husband. He cannot do it! Aditya asks him till when she will keep thinking her husband did not cheat her. Till when will you not believe it? There is a limit to stupidity. Your husband did it in the past too? When your husband would come home with a lipstick mark on his shirt you would just overlook it. You are a fool! You deserve this! Zoya slaps him and is shocked.

Precap: Aditya asks Mr. Huda if he did not get to know that she died. Yash’s sister tells Zoya that they will take Yash to Mumbai now. Both Aditya and Zoya collide on the flight. Aditya does the last rites of Pooja (and Yash). He remarks that they are lucky to be burnt together. Zoya cries from a distance.

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